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Skulls of Magor 22:1

By ArtistByron | ArtistByron | 7 Aug 2022

Hello, I'm Byron from Canada and I draw zombies ... as well as skulls.


I have been minting most of my skull artwork on the WAX blockchain, and I've been putting a lot of my NFTs into the Alienworlds Game, specifically on the land MAGOR 22:1


Miners who own a Garden Pass from MyZickleArmy can get special NFTs airdropped to their wax wallets if they mine enough TLM. We give away 5 NFTs per hour to randomly selected qualifying miners.

I try to make a lot of mining events for my community, new things every month, sometimes, like now, multiple events are happening.


In the SKULLS OF MAGOR event, miners need to find all 12 skulls on MAGOR 22:1, which might take a while because there's lot of miners as well as slices of DEAD and even some DHC coins in the land. So ... be patient, mine often and cross your fingers.


After you find all 12 skulls, or buy them on secondary, you then need some Stickum to glue all the skulls together and make the Magor Skull Skulpture.


You BLEND all the skulls and the Stickum together over on Neftyblocks and get a limited edition NFT ...


If you have been mining and finding skulls, but don't need them all and have some extras to trade, join daHorde's Discord and get trading in the community there.

What do you think of mining events and blending events with NFTs? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading.

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I am a Canadian Artist living in Canada creating Art ... mostly horror themed. I was shoved hard into crypto early 2021 I still draw and paint horror themed stuff. It has just gotten really weird lately.


This is the blog spot of Byron on PulishOx Byron draws zombies and makes NFTs, this is his story about it ... and stuff See his WAX NFTS here: See the EOS side here: . also on NeftyBlocks here: and NTHive here:

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