Experimental Greenhouse Part 1

By ArtistByron | ArtistByron | 4 Jan 2023

Hello everyone, I'm Byron from Canada and I draw Zombies. Zombies define me. 

But did you also know that I like to keep my NFT art collecting friends occupied and busy with fun little NFT Collecting activities? It's true. When I first came into the scene there was an explosive energy around making games and stuff, even though the blending contracts we now have weren't there then. It just got me thinking about ways to interact with the people that like my art.

Then ... with an insane and slightly salty idea that sprung up from the community we call the Horde, I came up with a simple way to Grow a Cucumber. It was an early idea, but it was fun and the community enjoyed the short lived adventure.


It did help launch the idea of www.myzicklearmy.io though, which is still slowly growing.

Anyways. This brings me quickly to the NOW and the new thing that has my attention ... the 


The Experimental Greenhouse is a new slant of an old idea. It's growing stuff, from start to finish to start again.

The Experimental Greenhouse utilizes the powers of WAXDAO on the WAX blockchain.
When thinking about a new community involved NFT activity, I put together an idea of staking NFTs to earn in activity tokens, gain access to NFTs locked and available only to those that stake in the farms, and then lots of super blends and preminted packs.

What WAXDAO does is handle all the actual programming stuff. So if you can conceptualize an activity that is simple and can exist within the confines of what has been done, WAXDAO has all the tools to help you bring it to life.

For me, I like to start with the most basic and simple things. Like seeds.


Super basic and simple. Now we need someone to plant that seed. So now we need to get a gardener to plant the seed, but we also need land to plant the seed into, some tools to help with the planting. We're going to need sunlight because plants can't grow without the sun. Pretty soon all the different game pieces start to take shape and the game mechanics begin to present themselves.

Voila ... we have the starter pack and the beginnings of the game.


Once you go to open this 'pack' and unlock its contents, you're ready to start growing something. The pack opening is actually a blend, which uses the mint on demand contract to dispense the necessary NFTs to the users wallet.


The first things to do is to stake the Gardener and the Landowner NFTs to their respective farms. This will allow you to earn the Greenhouse currency called MONARCH.
To stake your Gardener, go here: https://waxdao.io/farm/.xg.gardener
To stake the Landowner, go here: https://waxdao.io/farm/.xg.ranch


The next important thing to do is start claiming your free Sunlight and your free RAIN. You only get free stuff on a timer, so start early and book mark these links for easy reference. This simple timer aspect allows me to keep the game free but on a timer so it's not to fast or exploited to easily. It also allows for the later option of allowing people to purchase items to speed up their farms.


Sometimes the game mechanics of the smart contracts break so adapting on the fly is something I try to do with help from the community in the Horde's Discord. For example. The free SUN currently doesn't work so I am going to have to make one that gives out a sun for a very low amount of MONARCH - which keeps it virtually free. So check the website often https://www.experimentalgreenhouse.com/home


So that is the very very basic on how the collecting activity gets started. The rest is up to you.


Next up I will cover the different growing cycles. 



Thanks for reading. If you want to give this activity a try, it's available here: https://www.experimentalgreenhouse.com/home

The Discord is very good for helping people. I'm active in there and the community involvement is what helps bring my ideas to life. So come and join us. Be involved and lets all grow together.


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I am a Canadian Artist living in Canada creating Art ... mostly horror themed. I was shoved hard into crypto early 2021 I still draw and paint horror themed stuff. It has just gotten really weird lately.


This is the blog spot of Byron on PulishOx Byron draws zombies and makes NFTs, this is his story about it ... and stuff See his WAX NFTS here: https://wax.atomichub.io/market?seller=byronjrempel See the EOS side here: https://eos.atomichub.io/market?seller=byronjrempel . also on NeftyBlocks here: https://neftyblocks.com/c/byronartset1 and NTHive here: https://nfthive.io/collections/art/byronartset1

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