The Crypto Round-Up: October 20, 2021

The Crypto Round-Up: October 20, 2021



Brazil’s Crypto Investors Already Spent Around $4.27 Billion In Crypto Since January 


Brazil's Central Bank has shown data that citizens in Brazil have bought cryptocurrency worth $4.27 billion since January.  When Bitcoin reached $65K ATH last May, investors in Brazil traded more of it. In January alone, crypto investors in Brazil already spent $400 million on crypto. Read more 


Square Plans To Build Open-Source Bitcoin Mining System  

The CEO of Square and Twitter, Jack Dorsey, wants to create a single system that can develop accessibility to Bitcoin mining. Dorsey mentioned that Square will soon start digging into technical requirements for building an open-source Bitcoin mining system. Some of his tweets explain his intent in following a collaborative approach in further decentralizing Bitcoin mining. Read more   


Visa Considers to Build its Presence in NFT Space  

Visa announced its partnership with Micah Johnson to give its support to NFT-based digital creators. This partnership will help digital creators broaden their audiences and develop their knowledge about NFTs. The company will be sponsoring participants and will offer consultative services. Read more   


Galaxy Digital Got $325 Million Fund To Support Content and Technology 

The founder of Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz, has announced that the Galaxy Interactive division has raised an investment fund worth $325 million. The fund will be used on “interactive” projects. Galaxy also describes these projects as the intersection of content, finance, and technology. Read more 

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