coinpass Partner with Koodoo Global Crowdfunding Platform

coinpass Partner with Koodoo Global Crowdfunding Platform



Koodoo Global is a crowd equity funding platform for early and mid-stage companies to raise funding to expand their ventures. Koodoo has selected as their fiat-on/off-ramp and cryptocurrency liquidity provider to expand the crowdfunding options to campaigners and investors.

Koodoo, an app-based platform featuring an elevated selection of the green economy’s best, brightest, and most exciting investment opportunities. Featuring an elevated and curated selection of sustainability-minded projects, Koodoo makes it simple for activist crowdfunding to unfold. Koodoo unlocks these opportunities for everyone and welcomes a paradigm of people lending each other a hand to build a better future.

coinpass is an award-winning cryptocurrency on/off-ramp and trading platform serving retail investors, professional traders and businesses in the UK since 2018. The core focus of the coinpass suite of products and services has been to remove friction from the fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat exchange process. (GBP to BTCBTC to GBP etc). Through our unique set of products and services, banking partnerships, technology infrastructure and partnership eco-system, coinpass has grown into a premium service platform for retail, business and institutional clients to access the cryptocurrency market with speed, reliability and high-quality service.

The coinpass team is excited to have Koodoo Global on board as one of its ecosystem partners and look forward to being apart of the upcoming Koodoo Global crowdfunding campaigns becoming available to global investors.


coinpass Global
coinpass Global

coinpass Global is the UK's fastest, most reliable and highest quality support cryptocurrency platform and exchange. coinpass specializes in fiat-crypto on/offramp connections to banking as well as crypto payments, OTC and trading.

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