£10 Bonus, on us: When you Signup to coinpass.com!


coinpass.com is one of the UK's leading cryptocurrency exchanges. coinpass.com was voted "Best crypto exchange platform 2020" by CityAM at the CryptoAM.io awards and since then has grown our trading and investment offerings for retail investors, professional traders and businesses looking to buy, sell, trade and hold crypto in the UK.  

To further increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the UK we're giving away an extra £10 for new client account when they deposit £100 or more!   

X No complicated forms, 

X No alternative tokens or scams, 

You'll receive an account balance bonus of £10 when you signup and make your first GBP deposit to your coinpass.com account, SIMPLE! (t&cs apply)

We believe that everyone should be able to buy, sell and trade crypto as easy as buying a cup of coffee. Crypto doesn't need to be cryptic. When using your coinpass.com account to buy, sell and trade crypto, your funds are always safe and secure. All client GBP balances are kept secure with FCA regulated banks in the UK, not offshore. All crypto balances are kept in vaulted secure storage with industry-leading insurance on all balances held on your account.  

X No caps,  

X No Minimums or Maximums,  

Plain and simple, your funds are protected against fraud and theft.  

All this value and security is covered by our standard terms and conditions and fee structure with no hidden extras, why would you use anyone else?  

Signup your coinpass.com account today and receive your £10 deposit bonus and start buying, trading and storing crypto on the UK's award-winning cryptocurrency platform. 

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coinpass Global
coinpass Global

coinpass Global is the UK's fastest, most reliable and highest quality support cryptocurrency platform and exchange. coinpass specializes in fiat-crypto on/offramp connections to banking as well as crypto payments, OTC and trading. www.coinpass.com

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