ART101 Guaranteed Authentic on

ART101 Roadmap v1 collections now listed as "Guaranteed Authentic" with

By Patrn · Art101 | | 17 Jan 2022

ART101 Roadmap v1 collections now listed as "Guaranteed Authentic" with is pleased to announce that all Roadmap v1 NFT collections now show as "Guaranteed Authentic" on, including Non-Fungible Soup, MondrianNFT, and Bauhaus Blocks.

ART101 Guaranteed Authentic on

After spending time with the team verifying creator and collection information, ART101 has received the "Guaranteed Authentic" label for all of its Roadmap v1 NFT Collection Stores. Going forward, Non-Fungible Soup, MondrianNFT, and Bauhaus Blocks assets transferred since verification will now display with a verification checkmark on stores provide ART101 collectors with a wide range of unique and useful features to help buyers and sellers. Among these features is an easy-to-use purchasing solution, using a combination of Wert and Stripe to allow users to deposit money to their accounts directly from their credit and debit cards. In addition, provides a gasless solution to buy and sell ART101 NFTs, done through their ImmutableX integration. These tools help reduce various fees and entry point obstacles that may otherwise prevent future transactions from occurring. also provides a wide array of helpful information to help collectors of all types. This information includes a rarity meter given to all assets in the collections, detailed analytics on sales and transaction history, direct messaging to users, as well as much more. You can get a full rundown of their features in their blog here.

We encourage all ART101 collectors and fans to set up a account and check out the ART101 stores and assets to see the different features and information they provide.



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About Art101

Art101 explores iconic 20th-century artists and art movements with generative NFT collections. By investigating artists like Andy Warhol, Piet Mondrian, and the Bauhaus movement, we're hoping to raise the collective brow of the NFT-scene. Art101's NFT collections stand in strong contrast to expensive and haphazard NFT drops, encouraging a more discerning NFT collector.

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Patrn · Art101
Patrn · Art101 is a platform for crowdfunding NFTs. Mint multi-edition NFTs with friends, creators, and collectors. · explores iconic 20th-century artists and movements with free-to-mint generative NFT collections. explores iconic 20th-century artists and movements with free-to-mint generative NFT collections.

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