The ART Monopoly

By Art | Art | 9 Jul 2019

With the upper echelons of the art world and wealthy investors being able to decide, as it was, who will be the next big thing, it becomes harder and harder for new artists to make their way through the maze that is their career path, the career of being a respected and full time practising artist. With the decision of what is  ‘In oder Aus’ (as said by Bruno) which is mainly decided by purchases by those who don’t really understand the art, who are then paying vastly over the odds for artist works from other wealthy owners, with the idea that art is just another investment.


This really does stop some artists in their tracks and create a roadblock for others, as their artwork may not be of the moment but actually is forward thinking but they cannot get a say or get a chance to show what else they can do, as they are not what was ‘In’ at that moment as so are not the sure-fire bet., and are passed over meaning it becomes harder and harder to live a full-time artist life. It may even come down to how easy an artist can be moulded and turned in to a product, bought up early, they can be put in the right shows, in the right events and publicity, creating a hype for more the person then their work, thus making them a celebrity and finally giving them a fake value which people will then extortionate odds for.... 

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