Legendary Photograther📸, David Bailey CBE, Embraces Blockchain!

By Art | Art | 28 Apr 2019

David Bailey Joins Blockchain

You may have heard the phrase “who do you think you are David Bailey”, this is the tag line from a run of commercials by Olympus https://www.youtube.com/embed/ckSm10LZau

Even now often when David gets a London taxi, he will hear this phrase from the driver. Baileys photography has always broken boundary’s and explored new frontiers in fashion and art. The photo that kicked off His career was the below one of Paulene Stone the photo instantly grabbed people’s attention, this image was seen by executives at vouge and they would go on to choose bailey for what would become one of the most iconic shoots in fashion. 

We’ll take Manhattan

Baileys time in New York centered around his new love Jean Shrimpton who he demanded model for the shoot, even with much opposition from the magazine. Luckily Bailey got his way and the set of photographs that came to redefine fashion were produced. The images are owned by vogue so I won’t be posting those ones here, but they can be googled just look up ‘David bailey Jean New York’. The leather jackets and interesting photographic angles is something that people had never seen before in fashion and so baileys rise to the top began. After this Bailey would go onto photograph almost every famous face from the 1960s on wards.

David shot album covers for many artists including the rolling stones “goats head soup”. He filmed commercials, creating paintings and was even approached to be the leading man in the film Blow up. A film about a photographer who witnesses a murder the main character of which is often suggested to be based on David. 

Bailey comes to Blockchain


Being a mold breaker even at the age of 81 Bailey has decided to tokenise some of his most iconic photographs on the Blockchain with the blockchain Art Exchange


His choice to do this came from three places; one is that it is the only true way without selling a negative that you can have unique photography, for digital photography it is the only way.

The second is an understanding that Blockchain is the future of art and that this technology should be embraced. The third is a simple fear of piracy if he doesn’t upload them and certify them who is to stop some person getting them off google images and doing it? This way people will know which the real works are should that ever happen.

If you would like me to create more posts on Baileys story and go more in depth let me know in the comments.

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