Quarantine art

Quarantine art

By Quaro | art 360 | 15 Apr 2020

I'm using my free time during this quarantine to draw and experiment with new media.

I tried using ink and watercolor pencils to create some illustrations for kids books, like this monster boy playing with his teddy bear:


When I create something interesting, I usually put it on sale on shutterstock.com, a nice way to monetize my creations and see if they are appreciated by designers and publishers.

The process is very easy, after the registration you just have to upload your photo or painting, add some tags to make it visible, and wait for the approval. 

I noticed that the most appreciated images are very simple and nice characters in cartoon style, especially if they have a particular theme (Christmas, Halloween, Easter). I guess they're used in event posters or greetings postcard; fantasy and sci-fi illustrations sell very good too, maybe in RPG manuals or similar publications.

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art 360

I like creating all kind of art - illustrations, 3d models, music, comics... I'll share some of it with you in this blog.

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