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Creating a 3D Bitcoin with Blender

By Quaro | art 360 | 16 Feb 2020

Some time ago I decided to create a high-res 3D model of a Bitcoin using Blender.

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Blender is a great 3D modeling software, and it's completely free!

At the beginning it's not very easy to use and its busy interface can easily scare who wants to approach it for the first time; there are great learning resources online though, and I learned it from a cool Udemy course:

The steps I'm showing here are about the creation of a Bitcoin, but they are very similar for any kind of crypto coin.

I started modifying a simple cylinder:


then I added a box to recreate the rough side of a coin:


Blender has a useful function called array modifier that can copy an existing geometry for a fixed number of times. The array can also rotate around a center, and that's just what I need here:


The "physical" part of the coin is done already; I will now concentrate on what is printed on it. Using a bitcoin image as background, I placed my model just over it, and traced the B using paths.


Blender has also a text tool, so I searched online for the most similar font, and write the sentences on the coin; using the curve modifier, I bent the text until it matched the coin's radius.




And then, the most boring part: using the same technique of the B, I traced ALL the small circuits, one by one; and after that added the little boxes around.


The array modifier was useful again to create the chain boxes on the outer side:


The model is now ready, here it is in solid view:


It's now time to apply materials: I created 2 different materials, a golden one and a dark gray one, less reflective, for the background of the coin.


This is the same model with the materials applied to it:


After adding a couple of background panels, and some nice lights setup, I can now create multiple copies of the same coin, add some other elements, and finally have some cool renders! Here are some examples:


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art 360

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