What to follow if the NFT world starts to recover?

By Crypto e dintorni | Around Crypto | 13 Jan 2023

Attention! These are NOT financial advice.

I recently asked myself this question:
What to follow if the NFT world starts to recover?

I have chosen 4 tokens, which are definitely worth accumulating for those who believe in the explosion of the NFT world.

  • SOL
  • FLOW
  • IMX



It's definitely the layer2 with many major NFT partnerships

Why SOL?

After its fall, it can be reborn in this world, and given its low cost to NFT growth, great gains can be made.


Great experience in the NFT world with partners such as Warner Music, Ubisoft, NBA and UFC

Why IMX?

Immutable X aims to create a world-class experience for users and developers alike, for this he was chosen by Chris Clay, the game director of Gods Unchained

To conclude, those who believe in the next bullmarket in the NFT world should keep these 4 tokens in mind.


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Crypto e dintorni
Crypto e dintorni

We find great little opportunities in the crypto world. It's not financial advice

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