Yearn finance (yfi)

By Andann427 | Aro427 | 25 Aug 2020

Over the past months following the rollout of compound finances compound governance token many have followed. There are many notable mentions but as of now yearn finance and there governance coin (yfi) has certainly taken the lime light far surpassing even the king crypto btc  current price at a Breakneck pace. Like gold scarcity seems to matter with a meager supply of 30,000 coins. Is this boom destined to bust as its hype drove it to over 1.42 btc per yfi to a recent weekend low below .99 btc. The price has rebounded to a daily high of 1.23+ btc. The future of defi is ground shaking. A look at curve (crv ) where yfi is staked May be worthy of a look along with Aragon network (ant).

check out yearn finance very interesting times!

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