Uniswap liquidity pools, revolution in crypto finance

By Andann427 | Aro427 | 31 Aug 2020

Uniswap is a decentralized automated exchange, a liquidity pool built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a 100% market maker enabling swaps of Ethereum and erc20 assets. uniswap makes money by charging a 0.3% fee for every contract and distributing to liquidity providers proportionally to there share in the pool. For instance if you provided 100% of a pool you would receive 100% of the collection of fees minus uniswaps 0.3% take. Uniswap uses a traditional order book approach. Ethereum and Erc20 assets are added to smart contracts and traded in various pools. Anyone can add tokens to pools, anyone can swap anyone can add tokens to be listed. Uniswap is really quite an amazing and exciting opportunity. Check the protocol out!




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