(ICX) Hyper connection of the world

By Andann427 | Aro427 | 14 Sep 2020

(ICX) Icon in the pursuit of building the biggest network in the world. Awhile back an article caught my attention “ top 3 unknown crypto’s out performing bitcoin.” In the article it outlined a few cryptocurrency projects one being (ICX)


The article referenced above was written approximately 7 months ago. At the time it broke a 2 year down trend elevating it to approximately .39 cents its held those gains and currently sits at .51 cents. Pumps are pumps for a purpose but I suspect the price appreciation is something much more noteworthy. (ICX) Icon is worth a little time and research check (ICX) out:



Interoperability between bitcoin and ethereum has proven difficult icon bridges that gap. Cross chain use cases were once impossible without interoperability layer icon. Delegated proof of contribution (dpoc ) governs the network an interesting concept . It’s network blockchain is loopchain and is a delegated proof of stake mechanism to secure the network. The goal is to become a worldwide inter chain connecting blockchains through BTP tech. 

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