Enhanced ARMR Tip Jar Introduced

By ARMR_Network | ARMR_NETWORK | 10 Aug 2019

Dear community.

Our first week on the new exchange is already behind us and we tried to sell off some coins as you know. We were doing this to get some funds to be able to continue our work and to get listed on more exchanges in the future. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to create the demand we wanted, which is mostly on us. We have even seen community members and others selling to a very low value which is a lot less than where we see ARMR at the moment.

The ARMR Network sale orders have already been removed on p2pb2b and unsold coins are returned to the dev-fund.

Of course, we are going other ways now to raise funds, as we still owe the exchange part of the fees, which need to be paid within a month. If we can’t raise the amount needed, ARMR will probably be delisted.

We will be starting an Enhanced ARMR Tip Jar. Tip us now and get ARMR in return. It is equivalent to an “over the counter” sale.

We are selling the coins for as little as 100 Satoshi. This is at least five times less than we believe the value of ARMR should be at this moment.

If you wish to support the project and receive extremely cheap ARMR for your support please reach out to us on either Telegram, Discord or through Email. You will get a BTC or ETH address where you can send the funds to. After giving us your transaction details and the ARMR wallet address, we will send the equivalent ARMR amount to your wallet.

No amount is too small, none too big. So please support us to continue our work and be able to stay on p2pb2b exchange.

Please watch out for scammers. We will never pm you first asking for payments. Only our CEO will handle the Tip Jar! Use only the Tip Jar Addresses we provide and double-check with the details from our website before sending any funds. Please report any suspicious behavior you come across immediately.

Contact addresses:
Discord: @ARMR CEO#8417
Telegram: @ARMR_CORE
Email: [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support!

/ARMR team

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