The invasion of muslim women

By Arkemmus | Arkemmus' Blog | 7 Nov 2020


Those who hang out with telegram groups on blockchain, investing, bitcoin, DeFi, etc., have certainly noticed how in these communities in recent days there is a real invasion of female profiles, with Middle Eastern features, with an Arab name, and with a veil/burqa.


These users do not write anything, but only post emoji (smile, kiss, wink, and so on).
The administrators of the groups are exasperated because, for two who are blocked, they sign up as many.
It is not known whether they are real users or bots; they certainly multiply like trees of heaven.


The frequency with which they post their smilies is exaggerated and therefore very annoying. But this is not enough.
In fact, some users who contacted them privately reported having received links with malware, HYIPs, and other shady things.


The recommendations are always the same and on this website there is no need to repeat them.
Of course, we're all smart enough in here to:

  • Don't contact them
  • Don't do what they invite you to do



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