Un...stoppable Domains?

So I bought an Unstoppable Domain...

By Amyantum | Radio Social | 18 Feb 2022

...and all I got is a glorified virtual doorstop. No seriously.

Beware: by no means I'm alluding that Unstoppable Domains is a scam, au contraire: it's a gift from heavens and a great alternative to ENS. It's just that there's more in the lack department than what has been delivered so far and I truly hope this will change in the near future because I believe in the project and fully trust and support it wholeheartedly, but the ecosystem is still rough IMHO.

But let's rewind to a bit earlier today, when I had this great idea to invest in an .NFT Unstoppable Domain minted on Polygon network assuming it would be of any use to me. 

So, I woke up today and among the usual loads of great ideas that plague my brain early in the morning there was this buzz "for your next project, get yourself an ENS and/or an Unstoppable domain NOW!" A quick check on the ENS site and Etherscan gastracker killed my enthusiasm as soon as I hit the enter key. Hey, but there's this cool thing called Unstoppable Domains I keep on reading about on ads everywhere, so let's have a look!

Buy once, for life: check

Gas fees, no way: check

Sounds pretty good to me, so let's go!

I choose an .nft domain, go through the whole process and here I am with my brand new domain ready for world... domination! Let's check if it works with Brave browser...mhmhm no, something is not right, it keeps on ignoring me... let's have a look at the settings: everything is fine with IPFS, ENS and Unstoppable, so what the actual fvck? Let's try OpenSea... mhmh no, it fails here as well. So let's try Metamask? No way. Atomic Wallet? Pffft! OK, time to give up and RTFM.


And here we go... 

  • Polygon support for most wallets is lacking (e.g. Atomic only solves .crypto) or non-existant (e.g. Metamask)
  • Brave browser cannot resolve domains on Polygon network yet (and maybe limited to .crypto anyway)
  • Most dApps just ignore Polygon (e.g. OpenSea) or anything different than .crypto domains

In other words:

  • I cannot use my .nft domain to solve a direct wallet address
  • I cannot use any browser to solve my .nft domain and show my IPFS-hosted website
  • I cannot use my .nft domain on OpenSea to transfer NFT's around

Lesson learned: due diligence is mandatory and never trust the hype surrounding something that has yet to prove its full potential. OK, I admit I'm a complete noob here, you can prove me wrong anytime and please do so in the comments as I might have missed more than I suspect and might need your help badly!

But alas, I fear the bittersweet sensation that caught me soon after realizing I couldn't do much with my freshly minted domain will stay with me for a while...

P.S.: There's a quick workaround for resolving all TLD's and that's using the official Chrome/Firefox browser extension, but I truly hope Brave will integrate native support ASAP.

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