Doodles and other stories of digital greed

By Amyantum | Radio Social | 8 Dec 2022

Doodles, the newest craze in the world of digital collectibles, has taken the NFT space by storm. The whole project is a selling-machine of unique, one-of-a-kind digital art, and has attracted the attention of investors and collectors alike.

But behind the hype and excitement of the Doodles project lies the same old dark tale of digital greed. The real value of the Doodles NFTs lies not in the art itself, but in the brand behind it. In other words, the value of a Doodle lies not in its inherent artistic merit, but in the fact that it was created just to please a natural FOMO and instant-buy craze. Not to mention some spicy celebrity stardust thrown on top of it.

This focus on branding and celebrity has led to a proliferation of low-quality, uninspired art being sold for exorbitant prices in the past. In some cases, the art itself is little more than a simple way to attract idiots, hastily thrown together and lacking in any real artistic value. But because it carries the brand of a popular artist, or a celebrity name, it is able to command high prices on the open market. You know what I mean.

This obsession with branding and celebrity has also led to a culture of digital greed, where collectors and investors are willing to pay outrageous prices for digital art that has little inherent value. This has created a situation where a small group of artists and collectors are able to profit greatly from the sale of digital art, while the vast majority of artists struggle to make a living.

But Doodles are a different beast.

As the market for NFTs continues to grow and evolve, it is important to remember that the value of art should not be determined solely by the brand behind it, but by the inherent beauty and creativity of the piece itself. And Doodles are the best of both worlds, a perfect example of how branding, celebrity, art, greed and pleasant visuals, not the mention an overall stellar real-life-counterpart experience (the REAL value of the project) can blend all together to give birth to a perfect balance.

Damn, I can't believe I said that really.

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