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UplandPublish0x Writing Contest

By Arifa879 | Arifa879 | 25 Feb 2021

Hey everyone hope you are doing your best and enjoying this platform.Today i am writing about Upland. I'll share my experience about it.

So what basically Upland is 

  •  Upland 

upland is basically a trading game to earn UPX and also NFT tokens and to buy other places in it.

Its a property game .

  • Founders of Upland 
  • Dirk Lueth
  • Mani honigstein
  • Idan Zukerman
  • Tokens
  • 👉The tokens  in game currency is UPX.
  • 👉Upland help players to increase their earnings. Ownership of a
  • property allows a person to collect more UPX . 👉
  • The latter can be increased by completing one
  • of the many collections by different difficulty and reward levels.
  • 👉other ways to earn UPX, 
  • charging other players for services related to their property
  • ownership or participating in mission
  • Also tasks that reward with UPX


It's a decentralized project .


As long as players hold their property they earn recurrently UPX. These recurrent earnings can be

boosted by completing a  collection of properties in the same area or with similar

Features. Each collection will require a fixed number of properties to complete to receive the

UPX earnings boost as well as a one-time UPX reward.

Collect UPX after some time in a day

Yes you can collect UPX everyday by clicking collect ar the write of page and claim it then enjoy.

Upland is a game that appeals to a variety of players.

● Owning the property in both real-life and Upland, or being able to own virtual luxury

properties that would be impossible to acquire in real-life

● Trading, negotiating and dealing with properties

● Satisfaction in completing collections

● Fun-to-play location-based experiences

● Appreciation of collectibles within the game, UPX collectibles and

limited time edition

● Participation in a parallel economy where decentralized transactions between stakeholders

enable new type of value creation and exchange as well.

This is all about upland do join it and trade there as well and collect UPX as well.


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