Google is Watching Us... How is Data Security Done?

By aortac | aortac | 18 Oct 2019

Google is Watching Us...

How is Data Security Done?


Google offers its users the most comprehensive free online services. But everything has a price. Google collects data by following us. It's not a secret anyway. Google, the data collection program does not keep confidential. A lot of data is collected about things like search queries, location history, voice commands, etc.

The collected data is used by the artificial intelligence of google technology to develop applications (smart, fast and sensitive). But most importantly, google uses this data to improve its main revenue source, the advertising engine. With the collected data, advertising profiles are created. The services Google provides to us free of charge are converted to cash through the collected data. The data collected is the price of receiving services without paying money. Google has to do this in order to keep the company alive and continue the improvements.


The table below shows google's 2001-2018 ad revenue.



According to the personal data we provide to Google;
we can go to the ad settings to see which ads are appropriate for our identity.
our gender, age, interests, travel preferences, websites we visit extensively, etc ...





How to Edit Data Settings in Google Accounts?


1-Automatic deletion;
At the beginning of May 2019, Google announced a new automatic deletion control package. Starting with location history plus web and app activities, Google plans to clear people's history. Anything older than 18 months will be deleted automatically.


2-Manual deletion;
Allows you to manually clean the data at any time.


A-) Activity Control.:
-On your computer, go to your Google Account.
-On the top left navigation panel, click Data & personalization.
-Under "Activity and timeline," click My Activity.




-Click Delete activity by.
-Below "Delete by date," click the Down arrow Down arrow and select All time.
-Click Delete.




''Do this on the other panels.''


> Web & App Activity.:



> Location History & Activity.:



> Voice & Audio Activity.:



> YouTube History & Activity.:



B-) Stop Saving Activity.:
-You can control most of the information that’s displayed in My Activity.
-Go to your Google Account.
-On the left navigation panel, click Data & personalization.
-Under "Activity controls," click Manage your activity controls.
-Turn off the activity you don’t want to save.




C-Turn Off Personalized Advertising.:
-Go to your Google Account.
-On the left navigation panel, click Data & personalization.
-On the Ad personalization panel, click Go to ad settings.
-Click the switch next to Ad Personalization is ON.




D-Download Your Data.:
-If you want to use your Google account data elsewhere or back up your data, you can download it.
-Go to the Download your data page. Your available Google data will be preselected.
-Click Next.
-Choose a file type.
-Choose how you want your data delivered.
-Click Create archive.






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