Bitcoin... How to Buy & where to spend?

By aortac | aortac | 10 Oct 2019

How to Buy & Where to Spend?


In recent months, bitcoin price has continued to move hard.
Bitcoin continues to find its place on the agenda every day with the statements made by fidelity, bakkt and international organizations.
With these announcements, the demand for bitcoin continues to increase rapidly.

Bitcoin users protect their Bitcoin on a blockchain via a digital wallet.
in brief, every person is his own bank.

Other than using it as an investment tool, what can be done with bitcoin in daily life ???

For example; You can go on holiday. You can make your daily or weekly shopping.You can go to the doctor. You can have skin care. You can get a car or home.You can move your house. You will even be able to pay your taxes very soon.

To do this with bitcoin instead of cash, you need two things;
1-Smartphone or computer
2-Bitcoin Wallet

Creating a wallet is completely free and you can create as many wallets as you want.
Each Bitcoin wallet has a unique ID with a string of numbers or a QR code.
As a result of research conducted in recent months, it has been found that more than 32 million bitcoin wallets have been opened and 25 million of them are active.

Bitcoin is technically always stored in the Bitcoin blockchain and can only be accessed by a wallet application or website wallet.
The most popular ways of storing, protecting and accessing a large amount of Bitcoin are a physical hardware wallet device such as Coinbase or a Ledger Nano S. To buy Ledger Nano S you can use this referenced link.
For small amounts of use, a smartphone wallet like Trust, Uphold, Coinomi is preferred.

The easiest way to get Bitcoin is to purchase it via platforms such as or
by credit card or bank transfer. You can buy your bitcoins as a member from these links.

To pay with Bitcoin;
Open your wallet app from the smartphone you're using.
Scan the QR code from your wallet. When the camera detects the QR code, it will automatically read the Bitcoin address and fill in the information required for the transaction. To process the payment, manually enter the Bitcoin amount and press the submit button.
P'S .: Before completing the transaction, be sure to check the recipient address and the Bitcoin amount.
Your transaction will be completed in a maximum of one minute.

Bitcoin is accepted by many online and physical businesses as it is accepted as a growing payment tool.

It is possible to spend tens of thousands of stores online. For example; Shopify-microsoft-expedia-NewEgg-nordvpn-mobiletopup

For physical shopping, you can find it at the address below according to the country or city where you live.

Another method of shopping with Bitcoin and the most enjoyable is to earn as you spend. which has +500 brands in its structure, pays back up to 30% with bitcoin.
Among the brands are '' HILTON, MARRIOTT, WALMART, CASPER,, SEPHORA,, DOCKERs, Calvin Klein, HARRY'S, PETCO ''.
I would appreciate it if you become a member with this reference link.))) Https://

Finally, for those who don't like to carry cash, BITCOIN ATMs.
A physical device used to withdraw Bitcoin and other crypto currencies in cash. Also, Bitcoin is available for purchase.
Most Bitcoin ATMs also support other crypto currencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum and DASH.
Just deposit money into the machine. On the receipt, you will see your new wallet information and your bitcoin balance.
You can then take this receipt to another ATM and withdraw cash at a later date.
The easiest way to find a Bitcoin ATM is to use

Will always be Updated.

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