Get `Free Flutter course` from Google - Expires in next 3 months!
Free Flutter Course by Google

Get `Free Flutter course` from Google - Expires in next 3 months!

By Zunaed | Anything Anywhere | 21 May 2020

If you want to be an app developer, this post may be helpful for you! I found this and I am sharing this here because I thought there maybe some people who are interested in learning Flutter but don't know about this course! So I hope this post helps you! :)


Recently Google announced that they are in a partnership with App Brewery to giveaway an 'Introductory Flutter Course' for free!

There are a lot of people who wants to learn new things or try something new or develop a new skill, but not everyone gets a good resource to learn from! So now, from the Flutter course that Google is giving away, they can get a high quality content to learn from.

You can get a free access to the course if you activate the course within next three months. But the good thing is, you activate it once and you own it forever! So, if you intend to learn it in future, you can activate now.

The course doesn't require any previous knowledge of programming. So if you are new at this section, you can also have the course.

Introduction to Flutter

Flutter is Google's mobile UI framework for creating high quality native apps for IOS and Android with just one code base. Means you can just write code once and use it for both IOS and Android at the same time! It's very easy to learn and also easy to write. Even many developers from famous companies use Flutter to build their applications.

The Flutter Course

This Flutter Course covers some fundamental concepts of Flutter, teaches to code using dart. The most amazing thing is, by following this course you'll be creating 9 real world apps which runs on both IOS and Android. These apps will also standout as your portfolio which will showcase your skill to others! This course contains 10+ hours of video tutorials which is instructed by 'Angela Yu', you may already know her!

Here's the syllabus of the course:

Syllabus of Introductory Flutter Course by App Brewery


The course is from App Brewery, so this will provide a good value to the learner. Also the course was created with the help of Google Flutter Team. So undoubtedly you should have a best learning experience from that!

Enroll the course from here! Enjoy your learning!

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And if this post helped you anyhow, let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading! :)


I'm a tech enthusiast and a newbie in programming. Trying to learn new things in different ways! :)

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