SuperDitto ● Anum Artwork (H33T co-founder)


So I've picked this one to share first as it's my favourite! I even have also had it redrawn and done as a tattoo.

SuperDitto TATTOO

He used to call these doodles "superdittos" I recently found on my random Google searches he was going to open a Web page called superditto to share his art. Which inspired me to share them for him.

I obviously can't tell you what his drawings ment but I can tell you what I think 🤔 

To me it showed a lot of pain he had suffered during his short life with us and I had to redone to represent the suffering I feel everyday from his loss 😢

I probably completely have the wrong end of the stick let me know your theory's on what you think the drawings mean or represent!!! 


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Anum Artwork
Anum Artwork

Anum, co-founder of H33T, was one of the largest BitTorrent sites, passed away 15th of May 2013. Earlier that year he fell from a second storey window and although he recovered from a deep coma he ultimately was to succumb to his injuries. Anum designed all the artwork for the BitTorrent site and was passionate about art. After he passed I found some of his Artwork, I have created this blog to celebrate and remember his art work.

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