Dego Finance review: mining power and liquidity pools

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Dego Finance has become a NFT+DeFi Fusion Reactor whose transparency and fairness are governed by the Law of Codes. 

Destruction of DEGO

When a user transfers DEGO token, 5% / 2% / 0.5% of the transferred amount will be deducted in trading fess; 2.5% / 1% / 0.25% of these fees will be directly burned, the remaining 2.5% / 1% / 0.25% will be transferred to the Dividend Pool.

  • Destroy Address: 0x6666666666666666666666666666666666666666
  • Dividend Pool Address: 0xea6dec98e137a87f78495a8386f7a137408f7722

Liquidity Mining Pools

  • Pool 1: DEGO-ETH UNI-V2 LP -- 20% of the Mining Pool (4,200,000 DEGO)
  • Pool 2: DEGO-UNI UNI-V2 LP -- 2.5% of the Mining Pool (262,500 DEGO)
  • Pool 3: USDT -- 5% of the Mining Pool (1,050,000 DEGO)
  • Pool 4: WETH -- 5% of the Mining Pool (1,050,000 DEGO)


Mining Power

In DEGO, a set of deterministic algorithms is used for liquidity mining, converting LP tokens staked by users into POWER (similar to the hashrate of Bitcoin mining) and for making earnings through them. 

The scheme is as follows:

  • Daily output per user = Daily output of the mining pool * POWER / Total POWER
  • POWER = Staked LP token amount * Coefficient of correspondence

The formula for POWER calculation

Users are divided into three categories, according to the amount they stake:

  • a) Worst range: users with the highest amount staked = x1 reward
  • b) Best range: users with an intermediate amount staked = x5 rewards
  • c) Common range: users with the smallest amount staked = x3 rewards


Token Specification

Name: DEGO Finance Token

Symbol: DEGO

Network: Ethereum

Spec: ERC20

Precision: 18

Smart Contract Address: 0x88ef27e69108b2633f8e1c184cc37940a075cc02


Token Allocation

Total Supply (100%): 21,000,000 DEGO

Mining (80%): 16,800,000 DEGO

Presale & Whitelist (10%): 2,100,000 DEGO

Uniswap Liquidity (5.25%): 1,102,500 DEGO

DEGO DAO (3.75%): 787,500 DEGO

Airdrop (1%): 210,000 DEGO

Token Circulation



Social media

Official website:


Telegram channel:

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Partnership, Relationship




DEGO NFT transfer guide in MathWallet:

Rules for NFT Mining Pools:

Dego NFT:


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The article is written by Irina Shakhin and Mr. Anton Dziatkovskiy, the co-founder and CEO of Platinum Software Development Company.

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Anton Dzyatkovskii
Anton Dzyatkovskii

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