Axie Infinity review: NFT concept and AXS token

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Axie Infinity is a pokemon-inspired project that was released in February 2018, which combines gaming and trading via NFT’s.

Axies are NFT monster creatures that have different abilities and appearances. 

How to get an Axie

One can get an Axie by two means: purchase it on a platform-installed marketplace or breed it using two Axies by paying a small amount of ETH and special SLP (Small Love Potion) tokens. Small Love Potion is a platform token that one can acquire in battles or by buying it on Uniswap with ETH. The amount of SLP tokens needed for breeding depends on how many times an Axie was used for breeding before.

On the Marketplace, users can buy or sell Axies of a particular type (plant, beast, etc.) and at a particular stage (egg/ petite/ adult) as well as Land, Items and Bundles. 

The NFT concept

The concept of tokenized Land (NFT) lies in the idea that Lunacia (Axie home country) is divided into several plots of ’Land’ which can be used as homes or places for Axies’ activities. Users can upgrade their Land using resources that can be found in the course of playing the game. Users who own Land might find AXS tokens or they can occupy Land plots with their Axies in order to explore them and find resources and bonus AXS tokens from that Land. Resources can be used to upgrade both Land plots and Axies.

The Lunacia SDK will initially be a map editor where players can use Axie Infinity art assets to create games and other experiences. Once a game has been created, it is saved as a Non-Fungible Token and can be traded. These NFT’s can be placed on Land plots and players will be able to click on them to enter inside the game. This is going to be the main tool for decentralization. 

As mentioned before, there is a wide range of uses for AXS token within the platform.

AXS token

AXS is the ERC-20 governance token of the project. Holders will be able claim rewards for staking their tokens (expected in 2021) and participate in different project activities (including votes and games). Players will also be able to earn $AXS when they play various games within the Axie Infinity Universe and through user-generated content initiatives.

AXS will be unlocked according to a predetermined schedule, lasting 65 months from the public sale. The initial circulating supply is set to 59,985,000 AXS - 22.22% of the total supply. 

To become an Axie Infinity player, there is a requirement to not only connect an Ethereum wallet but also to confirm registration via a Google or Samsung account. Samsung is one of the project’s partners (along with HTC, Maker, Binance and other large-scale technological players in the market).

According to, Axie Infinity holds second place in Games ratings, with a total balance of 284 ETH and approximately 160 daily users.

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