As if you needed it, another few reasons to trust Publish0x

One thing you have no doubt encountered in the crypto space is a lot of fakes, frauds and scams. There are also those projects that start with the best of intentions but then die a slow death. One sure sign you’re on to a loser is if there are promises that are too good to be true. As the saying goes, if it appears that way it probably is.

There are of course exceptions. Celsius for example, honest as the day is long but just amazing to the point of unbelievability (referral link below). Some others too but they are not the subject of this post. This post is a confidence confirmation piece for this website.


So, you’re not sure whether Publish0x is legit? Free money, generous prizes and all-you-can-eat information you get paid to consume may sound too good to be true but let me tell you something of my experience in the hope it will set your mind at ease.

Reasons to relax:

Reason the first – no risk. You can commit nothing and just swipe through some articles to get crypto. There is a minimum withdrawal limit, meaning you do have to read (or just swipe through) several articles till you reach the lower limit but you will get there relatively quickly.

Reason the second – Competitions are legit. I have been paid out on one so, as a proud winner of a lesser prize in the Bityard contest, I have bitten the solid ETH pirate-style to confirm authenticity.

Reason the third – reliable and gas-paid withdrawals. Every withdrawal I have made (but one – see next reason) have been completed in a timely way and Publish0x have paid the gas fees. That they pay the fees for you means that sometimes withdrawals are held back till high gas fees normalise a bit, but in this scenario there is always good communication from the team to inform users of what is going on.

Reason IV – customer service. I alluded in the last reason to there being one withdrawal I made that was not so straight forward. I will go into detail in the next paragraph as to what happened, but the headline here is the customer service was top notch and as a factor in trust between website and user, customer service is major.


So what went down with that wayward withdrawal?

Publish0x currently has iFARM as a reward currency. Originally, however, this was FARM (read that carefully – used to be FARM, now iFARM. Got it? Good.)

So, under the FARM regime I managed to quickly amass the princely sum of 0.006FARM (about $2.30). I know it is not a lot but it is free money. Anyway, this is above the lower limit for withdrawal and I had recently obtained the DeFi wallet which accepted FARM. I decided to withdraw to see about the yield earning potential on that platform. It is always best to test these things with small amounts at first so using a small amount of free money seemed like the right move.

The problem came in when the withdrawal was stalled due to high gas fees. Fair enough, as I explained above this delay was communicated effectively and it is an understandable position. During this delay however, Publish0x swapped FARM assets for iFARM. Various benefits to this, a subject for another post, but the top and bottom of it was my FARM got swapped for iFARM and then the withdrawal went through.’s DeFi wallet does not accept iFARM so the money was lost.

Disaster. But, this one of the reasons why small transactions are used; $2.30 lost in the cryptoverse is not exactly a major incident but Publish0x treated the matter seriously.

They emailed me back within 12 hours and first tried to coach me through recovering the money in the DeFi wallet. When this wasn’t possible, they compensated my Publish0x wallet with the lost money. How good is that?

I’m sure that if the lost money was my own fault, they wouldn’t compensate and nor should they have. But when a company does so readily acknowledge a mistake and so quickly puts it right you can take a lot of confidence that they are serious about their business and serious about customer care.



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Another few reasons to trust Publish0x
Another few reasons to trust Publish0x

My experience of Publish0x's customer services and how it gives confidence in this company.

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