Details of the ONX Airdrop for ANKR Token Holders

We are happy to announce that Ankr is teaming up with, a DeFi platform for collateralized tokens, to hold an airdrop on ONX tokens to all ANKR token holders on major cryptocurrency exchanges. was created by Ankr community members who have recognized the demand for liquidity in the Eth2 staking space. Their mission is well-aligned with ours, and fits perfectly with the further expansion of our Ethereum 2.0 staking platform, Stkr.

By conducting an airdrop of ONX tokens to ANKR holders, we are not only helping to kickstart the platform, but also providing long awaited staking possibilities for ANKR token holders and bootstrap liquidity for aETH — our synthetic derivative asset that is the first bond token for Ethereum 2.0 including staking rewards.

How to participate in the airdrop?

The airdrop will be conducted on major exchanges, which will be announced over the coming days.

Currently the following exchanges have already announced their support for the airdrop:

A snapshot of ANKR holdings will be taken at ONX block height 11,513,500. which will be approximately on December 24th, follow the countdown here:

All users holding ANKR tokens on participating exchanges at the time of the snapshot, will automatically receive ONX at 1:10,000 ratio (1 ONX = 10,000 ANKR).

The minimum number of tokens to hold to be eligible for the airdrop varies per exchange from 0-1,000 ANKR.

If you want to stay up to date about the airdrop and OnX staking and farming pools, make sure to follow and Twitter and join the Telegram chat and announcements channel!

Why is important?

By incentivizing collateralized token staking, is addressing the growing liquidity needs of the Ethereum 2.0 network and DeFi market.

The upcoming airdrop will provide ANKR holders with a gateway to staking services, while the platform will also contribute to liquidity for the aETH token.

In return, ANKR holders will potentially form a new audience for the platform and its services.

ANKR, aETH and ONX farming on

The staking pool for ANKR tokens to earn ONX will begin shortly after the last exchange enables withdrawals. For more updates and information, follow the Twitter and join the Telegram chat and announcements channel.

After the withdrawals are enabled, users will be able to go directly to, and stake ANKR in the farming pool to earn more ONX.

Farming for aETH, aETH/ETH LP, and ONX/ETH LP tokens is set to begin on block 11,497,800 on approximately Monday, December 21st, ~9:30am EST. Find the countdown for aETH, aETH/ETH LP, and ONX/ETH LP token farming here:

There is no locking period for your tokens to farm on

Image for post ANKR staking on

Find more info about aETH in this article.

What can I do with my OnX tokens?

OnX is the utility token of the OnX.Finance platform. Its supply is capped at 10,000,000 OnX, while the majority (93%) of the token supply will be distributed over the next year through yield farming pools.

The token itself can be used for the following features (there will be more use cases as new services and products are added to the platform):

  1. Paying interest for OnX Lending
  2. Receiving discounts on the OnX platform
  3. Earning a portion of trading fees from the platform
  4. Governance purposes


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