Ankr Partnering With Syscoin To Expand Global Network

Ankr is excited to announce our strategic partnership with Syscoin, a multi-layered blockchain network that combines the best of Bitcoin’s security and Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities. Ankr is expanding Syscoin’s node infrastructure worldwide and making development with Syscoin more effortless with RPC support from globally distributed Syscoin full nodes.

The RPC (Remote Procedure Call) provides a high-level communication interface that enables developers and their applications to read and write data to Syscoin via full nodes (Masternodes) around the world remotely. This gives dApps and open-source software a low-latency gateway to interface with Syscoin without developers needing to operate their own Syscoin nodes.

Ankr will also be incentivizing independent and enterprise Syscoin node operators to add their nodes to the Remote Procedure Call in return for ANKR tokens, thus adding many additional Syscoin nodes to create a more robust network.

“Developers can now instantly access a high-performance Syscoin RPC, make request calls, and receive information returns that mirror the results they would get by running a Syscoin full node themselves,” — Dmitrii Fotesco, Ankr Product

Launching Syscoin’s RPC solves this problem, removing developers’ need to set up their own Syscoin node, saving them hours of setup, syncing, calibrating, and troubleshooting. This gives builders more time to do what they do best — build.

The New Syscoin RPC

Ankr will be providing RPC support for NEVM (Network-Enhanced Virtual Machine) scalable smart contract layer first, the Bitcoin-based UTXO layer soon, and all future layers of Syscoin. We have entered a long-lasting strategic partnership with future collaborations — more info coming soon!

The Syscoin RPC connects blockchain wallets, command-line interface, or dApp with the Syscoin chain. It acts as a messenger or blockchain router that relays on-chain information between nodes, apps, and end-users.

The Syscoin Public RPC endpoint is the gateway for developers to interface directly with Syscoin — a portal to communicate efficiently, remotely, and without the need to go through the DevOps of establishing a Syscoin node.

View Syscoin Data on Ankr’s Block Explorer

In addition to the new RPC layer, Ankr is adding Syscoin to our block explorer, AnkrScan. This will make it easy to query on-chain data from Syscoin and search any block, transaction, or wallet address.

More on Syscoin

Syscoin is a multi-layered and modular blockchain that provides the best security in the settlements layer as it is merge-mined with Bitcoin, while also providing smart chain capabilities with its NEVM layer. Syscoin is bringing much-needed scalability, decentralization, and security without needing to prioritize one of these benefits over another. Learn more about Syscoin here.

About Ankr

Ankr is building the future of decentralized infrastructure and multi-chain integrations, servicing over 50 proof-of-stake chains with an industry-leading global node delivery system and developer toolkit. Ankr serves over 1T transactions a year across Web3 and is the main infrastructure provider for BSC, Fantom, and Polygon chains as of 2022.

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Ankr Network
Ankr Network

Ankr makes infrastructure for deploying any blockchain node easy, accessible, affordable and instantly distributed across the globe. Telegram:- Website:-

Ankr Network- The Blockchain Cloud Infrastructure
Ankr Network- The Blockchain Cloud Infrastructure

Ankr makes infrastructure for deploying any blockchain node easy, accessible, affordable and instantly distributed across the globe. Website: Telegram: https://t/me/ankrnetwork Node market: Node support group: https://t/me/AnkrNodeSupport

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