Limoverse the blockchain based metaverse platform for healthcare industry

Limoverse: An Upcoming Blockchain Healthcare Revolution

By Ankit_Crypto | Ankit Says | 31 Mar 2022


Limoverse a blockchain for healthcare industry

Health care is a $6 trillion industry and the scope for disruptions increases with every passing day. If we, as a society, are to overcome all these complexities and have personalized healthcare, we must start taking digital health seriously. To fill in this big gap, Limoverse comes into the picture which aims to create a metaverse space where billions of customers can get health assistance from thousands of health, wellness and nutrition experts at their hand with virtual reality.

Practical Shortcuts for Leveraging the Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain solutions have been gaining traction in the healthcare industry. These solutions are used to exchange information securely and reliably without a central authority which is traditionally needed for trust. Blockchain solutions also offer practical shortcuts for leveraging the blockchain in healthcare, such as improving the interoperability of patient data and reducing the costs of medical records.

Limoverse and Blockchain – The Future of the Health Industry

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by transforming the way providers, payers and patients engage with each other. According to the Gartner Hype Cycle, the Blockchain era has long gone past the “innovation trigger” and is at the “height of inflated expectations.” It holds the ability to disrupt special industries together with finance, banking, delivery chain in addition to healthcare. But earlier than diving proper into the information of the way blockchain is affecting healthcare, let`s recognize what's blockchain –

Blockchain is one of the maximum disruptive technologies that has taken the arena through typhoons these days. A blockchain is not anything however a dispensed ledger that maintains a song of transactions and sports going on all through the community. The maximum specific element of a blockchain is that after a chunk of data is introduced to the dispensed ledger, no person can regulate it. The data saved on a blockchain is in reality steady in its entirety. In order for everybody to make a extrude in a single block, it's far obligatory to make modifications to all of the next blocks after it. Thus, making it secure and reliable.

Limoverse exploits the technology of blockchain to create a space where customers can interact directly to get health, wellness and nutritional tips in the VR world. Limoverse aims to construct a surrounding for every user worldwide for their fitness and well-being primarily based totally on the blockchain. Limoverse is a metaverse wherein hundreds of thousands and billions of customers can connect, share, heal, get better and get fitness insights from specific fitness specialists throughout the globe. Limoverse presents first time in India a proprietary Epigenetic Personalized Lifestyle Modification Program referred to as EPLIMO, which generates information primarily based totally on synthetic intelligence to create a rather personalized lifestyle control plan for its purchaser and empowers human beings to take charge of their personal fitness and health to Live Long Staying Young & Productive. Additionally, it has a tendency to offer personalized pointers on Diet, Nutrition, Exercise, Yoga, Meditation, Sleeps patterns, Drug responses, Lifestyle with the aid of their Geno-Metabolic Analysis. Limoverse at its platform also offers to earn money without investment in the form of limo tokens which is a future cryptocurrency when you do any fitness activities, play games, or share your expertise with others.

How Blockchain will Change Healthcare for the Better

Blockchain has the strength to deliver a huge leap forward withinside the healthcare surroundings as it is able to without difficulty deliver particular modifications withinside the healthcare control of the patient. With the resource of this technology, the strength will come lower back to people`s hands. Meaning that people could be chargeable for dealing with their very own statistics thus, getting the general manipulation in their very own data.

Paradigm shifts change the way people live their lives, and blockchain will change healthcare by making it cheaper and more convenient to access medical records. According to a study conducted by IBM, around 16% of healthcare executives are determined about their plans to implement blockchain solutions in their work this year, while around 56% are expected to adopt blockchain by the year 2021.

How this Limoverse will Impact Patients

Blockchain technology can be used in many different ways, but one of the first use cases is in healthcare. Blockchain provides data access and security that no other technology has been able to match. The process is also very secure. There are three key steps to using blockchain: Firstly, the patient signs a release form. Secondly, you upload their data with a timestamp on the blockchain. Thirdly, the patient can manipulate the data and make it private or shared as desired. Limoverse put this process to another level with one-to-one personalised assistance in virtual reality. It also offers programs like do fitness regime and earn free tokens that can be redeemed in fiat currency plus you can play different games, create your own avatar and buy NFTs.

The Impact on the Healthcare Workforce

Blockchain has the potential to eliminate billions in costs for the healthcare industry by improving provider satisfaction and the quality of patient care. There is widespread concern about the negative social and economic impacts this will have on the healthcare workforce. Blockchain technology can be used in different ways to prevent this from happening. Limoverse on the other hand provides healthcare benefits and assistance at your palm through your phones, provides a chance to get the best medical advice by connecting to millions of healthcare experts and lastly a chance to earn by staying at home.


We are at the very beginning of a new healthcare revolution. Blockchain is already helping to improve medical outcomes and reduce medical costs across the board. For example, blockchain-based systems can help to reduce fraud in health care, securely store patient information, give patients more control over what medical data they want to share with providers, and much more. Limoverse is one such blockchain-based metaverse space where you can get personalised healthcare advice with diet plans and many others. Limoverse has the potential to change the way we see healthcare assistance. Limoverse and its LIMO token have the potential to stagger the cryptocurrency and health industry in the upcoming days.

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