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By Hanna HHH | Anime, Manga & Crypto | 17 Sep 2023


Domini.art ($DOMI) is a new project in the crypto universe, related to art and created a lot of noise among investors calling it the best crypto investment in Q3 2023.

Before we start, I should insist on one thing, I’m not about to advertise this project.


This article is written for information purposes and is just a new attempt to promote art through blockchain. I do not know this protocol thoroughly and do not intend to advertise or promote it.

But considering that this project is related to art and investing in works of art, I felt it necessary to write about it.

Highlighting the dynamic nature of crypto, this NFTs-creating platform is here to reshape the high and mighty art masterpiece ownership. They call it democratizing access to high-valued arts through fractionalized art ownership.

 To put it simply, in the ($DOMI) project you as an investor can invest in works of art purchased by this entity with a minimum capital and just pay a part of the money necessary to buy the art pieces.


This is one step further than NFTs, by acquiring real physical artworks, and securely storing them in a vault, but not before turning them into NFTs. Then they ask investors to each pay for a portion of the substantial capital. Needed. Neat right?

For sure this a unique opportunity for some ordinary folks to step into a new world they never had dreamed of. Of course, it might not be as glamorous as they make it look, but I admire the thought behind it either way.




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Hanna HHH
Hanna HHH

I am an artist, more specifically, art creator of manga and related art work. Always looking for inspiration, upgrading my work and constantly thriving.

Anime, Manga & Crypto
Anime, Manga & Crypto

The incorporation of cryptocurrency into the anime industry represents a promising frontier that can benefit creators, fans, and the art form

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