One piece manga : Can Law make it against Blackbeard ?

By Enehemie | Anime blog | 6 Nov 2022

Trafalgar is one of the most powerful Supernovas and captain of the Heart Pirates that participated in the Onigashima battles which ended in the defeat of two former Rock crewmates and Yonkos Big Mom and Kaido.

Big Mom and Kaido created an alliance to wreak havoc and rule the World but were defeated as soon as their alliance started by an alliance between Strawhat pirates, Kidd pirates, and Heart Pirates.

Trafalgar Law was the Mastermind behind the defeat of the yonkos with his plan. From the alliance with the Strawhats and the destruction of the smile Factory to the separation of the Yonko and their defeat separately.

While Law Come Out Victorious in Onigashima, he is now cornered in chapter 1063 by Marchall D Teach a Yonko.


After failing to get Ace's Mera Mera no mi for Burgess who was defeated by Sabo and Hancock's DF who was rescued by Dark King Silver Rayleigh the owner of the Darkness fruit has no other choice than to change his plan.


Teach also known as Blackbeard has been hunting DF ever since he becomes a Yonko for his crewmate, Teach is also not only a very powerful opponent but he can be heartless against anyone he set his eye on as a target.

This is something Ace found out in the worst way After being defeated and given without care to the marine and starting a War that Shaked Marinford.

While Law grew very strong in Wano and learned a lot related to haki from his fight with Big Mom and Kaido, his chance of winning against Teach IS almost close to Zero cause Not only Teach hard counter Law's Devil fruit with his Yami fruit but his Gura give him Peak destructive power.

The fight also started with Law busting out his second Strongest attack and spamming awakening while Teach is only getting started.

In chapter 1064, WE saw Law Land his awakening move on Teach After the later has become careless but it seems to not really phase the Yonko who is now decided to fight seriously.

From now on it's clear that Blackbeard won't give any chance for Law. And the fight being offpanneled is only Bad news cause every Time a fight with Blackbeard is offpanneled the Opponent always receives an overwhelming defeat.

While it's pretty clear Law will lose the fight, his fans really Hope he will make it out alive and be present in the final War against the WG.

Optimistic or not only Time will tell. But what is sure is that Law vs Blackbeard is the most unpredictable fight in this manga.

No one saw it coming.


This is also a good opportunity to show us what makes Teach so unique and his relation to the number three

Three beards, three skulls, three DF??

It's also possible that Teach has three hearts. Law being a doctor might show us the secret of Blackbeard and why he can eat two Devil fruit at once without dying.

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