The city swallow

By ffetuo | Animals | 25 May 2019

The city swallow feels great both within cities and in the countryside. This is one of the most famous representatives of birds in central Europe. In summer, the swallow often intersects with a person: in villages, parks, cities, in park recreation areas, on the banks of rivers and lakes, and even in the field. In the woods, or where there are no houses or other artificial human structures, the craters live less frequently. This swallow very rarely sits on the ground, mostly she spends days hunting insects in flight, sometimes resting on tree branches, or on electric wires. supports Although scientists know that before the interaction with humans, these birds settled on the rocks. At the beginning of autumn, the Funnels fly away to spend the winter in Africa, and return in the spring. City swallows feed on flying insects (flies, aphids, mosquitoes, as well as butterflies and small bugs). When approaching autumn, the craters feel a shortage of food, so in September they organize huge flocks and fly away to the south. After they returned, couples of city swallows together try to repair their housing, which usually suffers greatly during the winter, if repair is not possible, they build a new nest. Later, the female lays about 5 white eggs, and after about 2 weeks, tiny chicks appear. Most scientists assumed that these migratory birds sleep during the flight, but this opinion turned out to be wrong, because they rise into the air before the sun rises. And they rarely sleep in nests, mostly when the temperature is not high, usually it happens either in spring or in autumn before leaving. In summer, this bird lives throughout Europe, and can also live in Asia and India. For the winter flies to South Africa. Although the funnel is a very well-known and fairly well-studied bird, its population has recently been declining due to the reduction of insects, as well as the reduction of places suitable for nest creation. Thus, these birds can be observed from spring to autumn, they benefit people by hunting harmful insects, according to the observations of these birds, our ancestors came up with many beliefs and predictions.

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