Silhouettes of cat in the rays of the setting sun

By yetaras | Animal Photos | 28 Aug 2019

Hello! I'm new here, so I had to find some time to understand how everything works here. I think I have understood the basic principles, but perhaps that's not all, so I can make mistakes. I am now posting my first post and it will be about cats. These are my own photos and I will only post my own photos here. In my posts there will be a lot of photos and not too many words, because first of all I position myself as a photoblogger. I photograph some interesting things (not just cats) and post it on different sites. I hope you enjoy my photos and donate some of your tips to me!






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I like to take pictures and am interested in cryptocurrencies. Here I am able to combine these two of my hobbies!

Animal Photos
Animal Photos

Here I will post photos of animals - insects, birds and others - with a brief story of getting the photo

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