The Brave Browser

By Etthegreat | angrywhiteguy | 15 Mar 2021

Today I would like to talk about the Brave Browser. It is an internet browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge but the big difference is you can earn BAT with the Brave Browser.

As a browser Brave is pretty good. It can save passwords to websites for you. It can help block trackers and ads. It has a dark mode you can use. You can save websites. It does all the stuff I require of an internet browser. I’m very surprised it doesn’t rank higher with internet browsers.

For those of you who are tired of Google Chrome and all the stuff Google does with your data I highly recommend making the switch to Brave. I use to back Chrome and was a high advocate for using it back when it was just coming out. Now I see how powerful Google has become by selling off my data to the highest bidder and I’ve lost some respect for them. I admire that they’re getting that money but not at the expense of they’re customers. I like my privacy and don’t want my data going to big business.

Now the Brave Browser if they do sell my data, at least give me something for it. I can earn BAT by just going to websites that they suggest I might like based on my browser history. On my phone I have 3 internet browsers and I use each one for different things. I mostly use the Brave Browser for crypto topics. So far all my ads have been crypto based. Mostly I get BlockFi ads. If they’re gonna pay me I’ll click the button to look at that website 20 times a day.

I’ve been using the Brave Browser for a few weeks now. I just started earning money about a week ago though. In the beginning I was just using it as a normal web browser and hadn’t figured out how to earn BAT using it. Well I’ve figured it out and I feel like telling you.

The way I’ve learned to make money using Brave is to tap on the notifications they send you. Just tap on em and the site will pop up. I like to look at the whole website. Yeah sometimes the ads aren’t something I’d even consider but just to make sure I get that BAT I like to view the whole webpage. In about a week of looking at websites once a day I have made over a dollar of BAT. If you don’t wanna view the ads there is a tab you can press to turn the ads off.

BAT is listed, as I write this, on Coinbase at $0.73 a token. At this price I've already made 2 and a half BAT in just a week. If you look at the little description that Coinbase has you will find that BAT is an ethereum token. It then goes on to tell you that it is based on the Brave browser. I hope this means that the more of you I get to download and use this browser the more the price increases lol.

Well I hope you are all doing good and have learned a little something. If you are in need of a decent browser please consider Brave. Even if you are not into looking at ads to earn crypto it’s still pretty decent browser.

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