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By Etthegreat | angrywhiteguy | 3 Apr 2021

My post today is on the Spotter app. It is a great way to earn a new crypto called Sp. You can download the app off of Google Play. It is a neat little app that mines Sp on your phone.

Every hour you can login and watch an ad. This earns you an hour worth of mining. You start out earning .87 per hour. Of course the more people you refer the more you can earn. I referred my nephew and now I earn 1.74 per hour. So if you got alot of friends you can certainly stand to earn a bunch of Sp.

The ads on the app are pretty much the basic ads you see with any app. Yes some of the ads are long 30 seconds of watching how you can earn money doing something on another app. So no it’s not like the Brave Browser and tailored towards what you like what you like to look at. It’s just standard ads.

Right now Spotter is in the first stage of it’s development. Which is acquiring users to mine coins. During the second stage of it’s development a price will be assigned to Sp and transfers will be available. When Sp enters the third and final stage it will become a true cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Numbers have not been given as to when stage 1 will become stage 2 or stage 2 will become stage 3. My dear reader I am not an expert and therefore will not even give my estimate on what those numbers might be.

Spotter was put out by 2 Italian guys. They wanted to make crypto accessible to everyone. Their goal is to make a balanced crypto accessible to everyone just b downloading an app. I would also like to add that this app is pretty small in size. It only takes up 11.75 MB of hard drive space on your phone.

Now you don’t need a referral code to start earning Sp. You can just download it off of Google Play. If you would like to start out with 1 Sp you can use my referral: etthegreat.

Well I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and are all doing well. I hope everyone has learned something.

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