By Etthegreat | angrywhiteguy | 27 Mar 2021

Today I will be discussing the app SocialGood. It is a cryptocurrency you can earn by buying stuff off of Ebay, Best Buy, AliExpress, CheapOAir,,, and Banggood. You earn SG on your purchases from these websites.

I have only used the app once just to try it out. I gotta say I am happy with the app and how everything went. I got on the app and used it to get on the Ebay website. I like Ebay for they’re video games. They got alot of great stuff. That day I bought Borderlands 3 for Xbox One. I looked around on the website and found probably the cheapest one I could buy. I ordered it. It took until the order was confirmed with Ebay and probably the company I was ordering with before I received my SG. So it was a couple days before I received it in the app to know that I got it.

Every company listed on SocialGood has it’s own percentage that you can receive on SocialGood. I lucked out and received 100% SG on my purchase. Meaning I spent $10 on a video game and I received the equivalent in SG. You will receive 9% SG on your purchase of anything on AliExpress. If you purchase something with Best Buy you only receive 0.17% of your purchase in SG.

SG itself, like Bitcoin, has it’s own price. So the amount you receive for buying a book on Ebay today might be worth more SG tomorrow. Like my order was $9 and some change for my video game. My SG total right now is over $10 and some change. So I’ve gained almost a dollar since I made my purchase a couple weeks ago. Now if SG had taken a fall and was less than $9 then I could withdraw my SG for the guaranteed value and not lost any money. Since the value is over what I paid for it I should withdraw it now for market value. It’s a little confusing but, if you can figure it out you can make a profit. Don’t worry though even if you can’t figure it out you will get exactly the amount you were promised and will still be ahead.

Just like Bitcoin, SG, goes up with the amount of users using SocialGood. The more users the more SG is worth. Right now SG is worth about $3.94 a token. For a crypto token that’s pretty good. Here is my referral link and I hope everyone who checks it out likes it as much as I do.

The companies on SocialGood I believe are worldwide. There are a couple companies mentioned that are based in India and only good for Indians. There’s Quatar Airways but it’s got business in 90 countries including the U.S., India, and countries in the Middle East. Now if you rent a spaceship (totally not joking) in Australia, New Zealand, UK, or Europe you can receive up to 5% off (2.5% if you live in Australia). There are many names that make me think that they also cater to China and the Pacific West along with the Southern Asia countries.

Right now the biggest complaint I have is the amount of companies on the list of SocialGood. I don’t really use the companies they’re associated with now except for Ebay and Wish. I know this crypto would be alot more popular if they had such companies as Target, Wal-Mart, and Amazon.

I am not an investment advisor but if you do alot of shopping on Ebay I would totally recommend downloading this app. With a 100% return on the things you buy then it’s not really buying so much as it’s lending out money for a little while. If your a constant user of these other places then yes it’s also a good app to have but for the constant Ebay user it should be a must have and I want to go on record as saying it is an investment worth taking. I fully believe any Ebay user will be satisfied after downloading this app.

Now here’s the info I found out about SocialGood that’s not on the app. The founder is Mr. Soichiro Takaoka a CEO of Social Good Foundation INC. SG is a token on the Bittrex Global. I have seen several mentions of Amazon and Nike being on the app. Yet I have the app and I haven’t seen either company mentioned on the app. If you search on the app for either company it shows no results. So I don’t know if this is just a way to increase the users or if they’re planning to add these companies later.

Well I hope everyone has learned something. I hope you are all good.




I want to add that I just recently looked at the reviews on the Playstore. There have been a number of complaints about withdrawing your tokens. If you look further down the reviews then you see good reviews too. I will try to withdraw and if I can't I will remove this post. Until then please beware.

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