Reflex Token

By Etthegreat | angrywhiteguy | 22 Mar 2021

Hello everyone today I will be talking about an Ethereum token that you can cloud mine for free with an app from Google Play. I’m talking about the Reflex token.

Now the Reflex token isn’t worth a whole lot. Just 0.0012 USD. So your gonna need alot to make it even worth your while to withdraw any of it. This is what I hate about the Ethereum network. The gas fees are totally outrageous. I got $27 worth of COMP I can’t afford to do anything with. I will not pay over a $100 just to invest $27. Since Reflex is on the same network I can expect to pay the same amount just to move any amount I want to withdraw. To be honest I would need something in the high thousands to even make it worth my while to move.

One day whether its this ETH 2.0 or something else the Ethereum people are gonna fix it so we no longer have such high fees. Its to popular of a token not to become fixed. When that happens I will move my COMP and Reflex. Until then I’m happy letting the small amount of tokens on the Ethereum network sit or collect more. With Reflex being worth such a small amount either way you look at it, it’s just wise to let it sit for awhile.

Anyway back to the app, I have yet to see any ads. Normally, as with most apps, you gotta watch an ad to start mining or to go to another page. Well that’s not the case with this app. I login and can go about my business of mining and even add a boost to your mining without ever seeing an ad. Ok there is one ad right under the total amount of your RFX. It is a simple line of characters that kinda catch your interest.

You have to login every 3 hours in order to start mining. You can boost your mining for the cost of 1 RFX. The boost is for 6 hours. So, for me, that includes about one and a half mining times. I often forget about 20 minutes to a half hour to start my mining. But even if your forgetful like me its still worth the boost. I mine way more using the boost than I do without using it. I.m not sure if the boost is worth using if you only use it for one 3 hour session of mining.

On the app you can check out the price of RFX. You can choose to deposit your RFX in a safe. I think its for staking purposes but, even to do this it costs Ethereum to move whatever you wanna put in there. You can see the amount of online users. There’s normally a 2100 users on at any given time.

As with all apps there comes a referral code that you can put in. Of course I will give you mine. It is runa6. Here’s the kicker though you can receive 30 RFX just for using my code. Yes I will get 5% of your earnings but getting 30 RFX is a nice start.

Well I hope you have all learned something and are doing good.

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