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Pi cryptocurrency

By Etthegreat | angrywhiteguy | 8 Feb 2021

    Today I’m gonna be talking about Pi cryptocurrency. Yes Pi. What haven’t you heard of the Pi network? Well there’s a very good reason for that. It is still in the beginning stages and hasn’t been declared yet. In other words Pi isn’t worth anything yet. 

    Pi is the idea of a professor from Stanford University. He and his class of students put together a network of cryptocurrency that you can mine. The guy with the mind behind Pi has actually created videos explaining cryptocurrency and posted them on the Pi app. 

    Just think if you were on the ground floor and had over a hundred BTC when Bitcoin first came out. You would be a millionaire right now at the current prices. Now I’m not saying Pi will become that popular or worth even close to that amount but you never know. Me, I’m not doing this for the money I just want to be on the ground floor as a cryptocurrency goes public. I think that’d be awesome. Plus even if the cost of Pi is a few cents you have nothing invested but your spare time. So that’s just money in your pocket.

    Now to join Pi you have to be invited. I was able to find my referral on another app. I’m sorry I forget the app right now. I do have my referral name. It is: @batdog80 . You can download the app and add my referral name or just go to this link: . You will receive one Pi as a gift for joining. 

    Pi is made to be the first cryptocurrency for average people. You don’t need a mining rig to mine your Pi you can use your smartphone. You just login everyday and tap a button after your 24 hours is up. 

    There’s even a couple apps you can use to add to your Pi. You can raise your status to earn even more Pi. I’m kinda excited about becoming a node. I can download the software on my laptop and I can set it up to become a node and be an actual part of the blockchain. To me that’s just exciting. To think that my laptop is verifying my Pi amount and is helping to make Pi more secure.

    Well I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog entry. I also hope to have peeked your interest in becoming a member of the Pi network. 


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