By Etthegreat | angrywhiteguy | 5 Apr 2021

I wanna talk today about this fun app on Google Play called CryptoPop. Now CryptoPop will not make you rich. It will not take you out of poverty and put you in a mansion. It’s just a fun game that I like to play every once in awhile and I can earn Ethereum playing it.

Now to register you can do it one of 3 ways. You can register using your Gmail account(I recommend this), your Facebook account, or your phone number. I don’t recommend using your phone number just in case you get a new number. Over the years I’ve gone through a few phone numbers, a couple Facebook accounts, and a couple Gmail accounts. The difference is I still know my original Gmail account.

To collect your Ethereum you will need a Coinbase account. This is very important you do not put your Ethereum address to receive your crypto. You just need to put down the email address you used to login to your Coinbase account. I have received several withdrawals and I know for a fact this way works. It doesn’t take 24 hours before I receive my crypto.

Now if you decide you would rather receive Popcoin you need a Saturn account. Honestly I have never tried this way of receiving any crypto. I do not have a Saturn account and have only heard of Popcoin thru this app. I have talked to someone who used this way to collect their crypto and I’m happy to say he recommended it.

There are some problems with the game. Sometimes it will shut off and I will be returned to my home screen. It doesn’t happen very often but it does still happen. There are alot of commercials. You got a commercial before you start, one after you beat each level, at the end of the game, and if you go to cash out.

Now enough of the description here’s what the goal of the game is. It is divided into 5 different bubbles and you have to put the different bubbles together so they match. The bubbles are represented as different cryptos. You need to get at least 2 of the same kind beside each other horizontally or vertically. The more bubbles you have together the bigger amount the game gives you.

I have had this game a long time. I have had a couple different accounts. I just play it to pass the time and I like it. I probably haven’t earned even a dollar yet. So why am I promoting this game? Because we all like to play games on our phones we might as well make something for it. That’s pretty much it, it’s a decent game that’ll pass the time and you make some money doing it.

I also got a referral link for all of you interested in playing. This should take you to the playstore and hook you up with the correct game. I’m sorry Iphone users I don’t understand if it’ll work for you like that or not.

Well I hope you are all good and have learned something new.


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