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Weekly Psychic Forecast - 8th - 14th November

Your Psychic Predictions for the Week Ahead

This week's energies are very deep as we find ourselves immersed in the deep, cooling waters of Scorpio season. This is a time for the spiritual seeker. Those who wish to understand and integrate their shadow self to find greater levels of harmony and wisdom, may be pleasantly surprised at how easy that feels right now. 

Those seeking knowledge with a pure intent will find what they are looking for, and good fortune may be bestowed upon you if you are staying true to yourself, and have managed to be authentic throughout this  trying time in our history. 

The energy of the new age we are moving into will no longer tolerate the fickle ways of the past, and you must no longer be afraid to speak your truth and speak up for what you believe in. In fact, you may find that the less authentic you are, the more you hide your true self from the world, the more difficult your life will become. Going along to get along, keeping your head down and biting your lip will not be rewarded, and you may find yourself with more problems than the ones you wished to avoid in the first place. Playing it small will also backfire for many as this week's energy challenges you to look yourself full-on in the mirror and to see and accept all aspects of yourself - even those labelled as "bad" or undesirable.

You came to this lifetime with a specific purpose, and none of those difficult beliefs or darker traits are with you by accident. They too serve a purpose, and can act as powerful teachers to you if only you would let them. It's time to let the misfit come in from the cold.

There is also a strong pull to look at your life and the direction you are travelling in, if you are moving at all. Many will be questioning their life's path, life purpose and indeed if all the things they have done so far were even worth it. The answer may well be no when you ask yourself that question. Many of the struggles and efforts you have made really weren't very important in the grander scheme of things. We were misled into believing that life is a race, but to where? To death? 

Don't be surprised if you or others around you begin to question your life's path choices with regards to work, where you live, what you do each day and the people you spend time with. I feel that many people may even be looking back at past romantic relationships and realising perhaps they could have done things differently, shown more care and may even find themselves drifting back to past lovers and partners that they thought they had left behind for the right reasons, perhaps only to discover that there was more to that connection than they believed or were able to realise at the time.

This is also a month of omens and signs, so we should be particularly alert to number combinations, and signs from nature or in every day life that repeat themselves. This can be as simple as repeatedly hearing the same words from different people or even in a song on the radio or your latest Spotify mix. 

Caution is needed before we can move forwards as a species right now, and there may be warning signs from your angels, spirit guides or ancestors trying to prevent you from making a very bad and painful mistake. The elders from each of our lands is watching us keenly this week from the spirit realm, with love and compassion. Remember they are there and ask for their wisdom when you find yourself feeling lost, overwhelmed or frightened. We are never alone, and those who have passed before us remain close by to guide us forwards. 

This week's angel message comes from card number 21 of the Angel Wings Oracle, Special:


The angels are really reiterating the message above this week - stop playing small or trying to fit in! You were meant to be you, to be weird, powerful, beautiful and all that you are. 

That does not mean that you should hit others over the head with your own beliefs, or become drunk on your own self importance however. We must all live side by side, in our communities, with a loving acceptance of others, but also retain the ability to work together and show compassion, kindness and honour to others, and to ourselves.

We cannot elevate humanity by bashing one group of people or telling another group they are "bad" or "wrong" no matter how fashionable that might be, or however many other people might be doing it.

Deep and true acceptance of the self allows for calm, peace of mind and the ability to show up in your life for yourself and for others who need you, in the right way. 

When you reach oneness with yourself and realise just how special and precious you are, you will no longer feel the need to argue or bicker with others, to make them wrong or blame them for anything. That day may be a long way off for many of us, but for now we can try to regard others as aspects of ourselves. 

If you can look at somebody you don't like, someone who triggers you or upsets you, try to remember that they are nothing more than a wounded aspect of yourself, trying to teach you something. The lesson is always there in plain sight, and the remedy can only be found within.  

Do you need a message from the angels right now?

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