Weekly Psychic Forecast - 6th - 12th September 2021

Your Psychic Predictions for the Week Ahead

Self acceptance comes up as a major theme this week, may of us have tried to hide or deny our higher senses, our psychic ability, intuition, clairvoyance, whatever you choose to call it, and we are moving into a week where we will be challenged to integrate some aspects of ourselves that perhaps we thought would not be acceptable or were told were not normal or OK . 

Until we are able to fully accept ourselves and feel calm and confident in who we are, it is very difficult to accept other people who perhaps challenge our own view of aspects of ourselves. For example people who struggle with weight issues or who feel very self conscious about their size (no matter how large or small they are) may lash out at people or criticise their diet and lifestyle. This sort of projection just shows the real insecurity in the person attacking. 

Equally, many people are being challenged to accept other aspects of themselves and to realise that there is nothing wrong with being different, with being new. As we move ever further into the energy of the Age of Aquarius and head into the new Golden Age, people will start to become different, and you can already see the changes happening now.

Higher levels of sensitivity, a desire to live in a world that looks and feels different to the one we currently have, to eliminate struggle, poverty, misery. These are not just noble ideas, but are part of the soul paths of some of our younger generations who may have a deep knowing on a soul level that things should look different, but are still trying to work out how that can happen, perhaps by exploring different political systems in the hopes of finding answers.

The fact is that the way things are done now, in this time and in the past few centuries will not stand the test of time. Some ideas may seem good, but they are all anchored in an old patriarchal control system that we are moving out of. The new way of doing things will be completely different, and I feel will not just leave space for our spiritual growth and development, but our soul path and soul's growth will be an integral and crucial part of it. 

We are already building the new world but rebuilding ourselves - healing from past abuse, from unkindness, from trauma, from our own misguided beliefs which are ultimately the source of our suffering. 

This week has a magical potential for self growth, self acceptance and to reach new levels of integration of the new energies swirling around us. 

To help ground and integrate these new energies, and to help you feel safe and grounded in your own skin, take some time to go outside, sit on the grass, walk among the trees and spend time in silence without the constant droning of the tv, popular music or other distractions that prevent us from being still.

Remember that we are Gaia's children and that she loves and accepts us just as we are. We are not some scourge that she must endure, or a virus that infects the planet. Humans are a part of her eco system, and she will help us to find new ways to thrive and grow, just as she does all her children. 

This week's angelic guidance comes from card number 16 of the Angel Wings Oracle deck:


True courage often looks very different to the fairy tale variety, or what we are taught by schools or by society that it should look like.

It takes great amounts of courage to love and accept yourself in a world that tells you you are unacceptable, ugly, too much of this or not enough of that. 

It takes huge amounts of courage to walk a new path when everybody else is telling to to go with the herd. 

It takes untold amounts of courage to speak your truth when everybody else has been convinced by a lie. 

Courage isn't just about charging into battle or daring to do something reckless or dangerous, it's more often about remaining true to your convictions in the face of challenges, when it would be far easier to just go along with what other people say. 

It takes courage to risk not being liked or accepted by society.

Nobody without courage has ever changed the world for the better. No cowardly custard has ever made meaningful and positive changes for everyone's good by keeping their head down and just going along to get along.

Strength will be needed, and this week the angels remind you of all the courageous actions you have taken throughout out life, and the many things you do right now that require bravery and strength of heart. 

Courage comes from the heart, not the mind - it is an aspect of love that stands up in the face of fear because love is the most powerful force in the universe. 


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