Weekly Psychic Forecast - 4th to 10th October 2021

Your Psychic Predictions for the Week Ahead

This week's energy actually feels more optimistic, even though many may be struggling with excessive feelings of tiredness or exhaustion. It feels as though we have woken up and remembered that we are incredible beings, empowered to create wonderful things, make beautiful changes in the world and help and support one another. There is a real sense of hope permeating the collective right now, which may come in the form of a reminder that you can believe in yourself, or that there are other people just like you who will love and support you.

We are reminded that our thoughts create our reality and that we should always aim to focus on the future we want, not the dystopian world of misery and lack that others are trying to forecast for us. Remember that the future is NOT set in stone, and that you have the choice to manifest a different future no matter how bleak things may be painted in the media, by NGOs or governments. Those institutions carry a heavy, outdated, patriarchal energy and are simply trying to get us all to continue manifesting some approximation of the old slave system that they are accustomed to.

Human beings were created to be so much more, and to live lives of joy, discovery and harmony. We are far more powerful than we realise in many ways. Most of us have simply never had the time or even the knowledge of what was possible in order to experience even an iota of our magical selves. 

I'm also shown many people coming together to cooperate and help each other to build and grow communities with a real sense of the common good this week. Look out for people who may reach out to you or ask you to join with them in worthwhile, small or local projects. Many shining lights are beginnings to show themselves as more and more souls overcome their programming, and heal from the disbalance of darkness they have carried within, which prevented them from showing their true colours until very recently.

If you do not already have some sort of gratitude practise this would be the time to start (or restart) one and allow those positive feelings of plenty and happiness to percolate your entire being. Real contentment and happiness is possible, but we must create it for ourselves rather than relying on other people or some form of authority figure to grant us a small favour or throw us some scraps.

As I keep saying, the new energy we are moving into requires that each one of us take full personal responsibility for our lives and choices, and we must move into the new age with our eyes open, senses alert and ready. There are many tricksters and their unwitting accomplices around right now who would try to knock you from your path, so we must always remain vigilant of guilt trips, promises of something for nothing, or systems that offer to infantilise us and "take care" of us for our "safety" or convenience, no matter how attractive that might seem in the short term. 

We are adults, and we have a responsibility to build the new world for the generations to come. It may be very tempting to think that we can just sit back and let some authority figure fix all the world's problems, but sadly those who portray themselves as saviours and benefactors have a habit of being the devil in disguise.   

This week's angel message comes from card number 39 of the Angel Wings Oracle, Gentleness:

As I've touched upon above, there are many people who are struggling with exhaustion and feeling low right now. This seems to go especially for the spiritual workers in this lifetime, the souls who are aware of their mission to assist the world in its awakening and advancement.

There is a gentle reminder from the angelic realms that sometimes it's most appropriate to be loving and gentle with yourself. Modern society teaches us that you have to suck it up, buttercup or that you must power through and keep pushing yourself even when you are ill, tired or simply lack the motivation to do so. This toxic work-work-work ethic is another relic from the old age we are leaving, but sadly persists in many people's daily lives and seems to be embedded in the subconscious for lots of us. 

Gentleness is not weakness; a mother can be very gentle with her child but also remain firm when they misbehave or risk endangering themselves.

One of the greatest lessons we will learn moving forwards is how to show loving kindness to ourselves. It might seem like a simple and obvious concept, but very few people really know how to do it, or struggle to do it consistently when they need to. Kindness requires gentleness much of the time, but many of us were brought up to beat ourselves up and as a result we only know how to treat ourselves in harsh ways, thinking that's the right way to go about things. As a result, most of us are not used to being gentle with ourselves. 

If you're not sure where to start, begin by asking yourself in what small way can you show yourself kindness today? How can I be gentle with myself today?


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