Weekly Psychic Forecast - 22nd - 28th November

Your Psychic Predictions for the Week Ahead

So after a week's break, we are back with our weekly psychic forecast! Let's see what the energy of the next seven days has in store for us.

This week reminds us of our connection with nature and more specifically that we are not separate from nature. We are a part of it! When we remove ourselves from natural spaces, when we fail to go outside, we will not only suffer physically and mentally or emotionally for it, but we are cutting ourselves off from a great source of wisdom, inspiration and energetic communication.

Many answers can be found by going outdoors, into nature and spending time in the peace of the natural world. Our spiritual aspects can commune with the nature spirits and help us to find answers, solutions, guidance and wisdom when we need it most. Herding people into towns and cities cuts us off from this valuable if not crucial spiritual and energetic resource, so we should start seeing the natural world, the woodlands, forests, plains, fields, mountains, beaches for what they really are - our home.

The full moon eclipse last week will have brought up many questions about our lives, lifestyles and our future that many may be yearning to find answers to. The nature spirits and fairy realms remind us that our answers can always be found more easily when we spend time with them. Allowing yourself to ground, to earth and calm your energy in the countryside, away from the artificial hum of towns and cities will enable you to hear the inspiration and guidance from your soul far more clearly.

Even if you cannot get to the country, you can still access one aspect of nature from almost wherever you are - the sky. Ask the air spirits to help you and spend time gazing at the clouds, feeling the energy of the sun or at night time the stars. 

The answers you seek are waiting for you to find them, the key this week in particular is to pause in silence long enough to allow them to come to you.

I'm also shown that many people may be overly serious this week and there may be a tendency to sink into dark thoughts, doom and gloom or unnecessary worry. Try to remember to fit some fun time, some play time into your schedule and allow yourself to take each day as it comes. Worry will only slow down your ability to manifest the outcomes you want right now, so allow your inner child to take the lead.

Wisdom is often found in innocence, when we remember that life is a big game, and that we really know very little of how the universe works. When we believe that we know everything, that is an ego-trap. We know very little of what is coming, how the universe functions and even the very laws of the world we live in. 

The future is positive, bright, and waiting for you with open arms. Let us not ruin it by choosing to close our eyes and bemoan our existence. 

This week's angel message comes from card number 18 of the Angel Wings Oracle, Feel:


The angels confirm that this will be an emotional week for many, and following last week's full moon eclipse, a lot of people will be feeling a little bit fragile.

The angels remind us that our emotions all serve a purpose, and we should not ignore them because they all have a message for us. That is not to say that we should let ourselves be carried away on an emotional wave, but simply that emotions should not be ignored and certainly not repressed. They are messengers, and very useful when you know how to work with them.

I'm sensing a lot of anxiety and fear this week, and that is understandable right now, given world events and the uncertainty that many feel about their futures. 

Despite any difficult emotions this week, I want you to remind yourself that a better future is coming, in fact it's already here on the etheric level, it's just waiting to manifest into what we call "reality" right now. The dark entities that should not be on earth are leaving this world now, and we will find ourselves more able to fully integrate all aspects of ourselves without judgement, as time goes on.

Humans fear their own darkness, but the secret is that is where much of your power lies. The darkness within each one of us has been misrepresented, and the dark entities made us fear powerful aspects of ourselves calling them bad, evil or satanic for centuries.

But the scales are falling away from our eyes, and we will soon start to see just how glorious our entire being is, when fully balanced and integrated. We will no longer fear, hide or reject aspects of ourselves in the ages to come. Humans will live as the balanced, integrated and powerful beings they always were until the dark entities arrived and told us lies about ourselves, made us doubt.

The great awakening is literally like waking up from a dream. It's an emotional time, and that is to be expected. Children often cry when waking up from a nightmare. Allow yourself to release any difficult emotions this week, and show yourself that gentleness, love and compassion that the angels remind you, you deserve.


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