Weekly Psychic Forecast - 11th - 17th October 2021

Your Psychic Predictions for the Week Ahead

This week feels less playful and more contemplative as we move into the energy of a new cycle marked by 10/10 on Sunday.

I feel many people will be considering how to have their most basic needs met, and with that comes the urge to survive. Our survival instincts may keep us alive, but they are not generally skilled at making us happy so many people may find themselves going back and forth between the choice that brings more joy and the choice that ensures that we maintain the status quo.

This will be particularly noticeable in work and business, as there is a deep yearning within the collective right now for more meaning in our lives, and a desire to let go of struggle.

In the words of Stuart Wilde, life was never meant to be a struggle, but the systems currently in place make it very difficult for the average person to achieve a life of ease.

I'm sensing some people feeling very defeated, down and out this week both in matters of money and relationships too. There is a sense that nothing seems to work, and nothing makes sense anymore. Confusion reigns, but that is actually a good sign.

The old rules of the old world, the old energy we are moving out of are falling apart, and the systems that worked before will work less and less effectively in the future. 

The key here is to try to remain positive and know that there is a better way to live and thrive, even if we can't quite conceive of it yet. The dawn is not far away. Trust that your positive new beginning is coming, no matter how things look. 

If you need to sit with anger, remorse, guilt or sadness, then allow yourself to do so right now, but remember that this too shall pass, and better days are ahead. 

If you find yourself without work or underemployed, I want to caution you from rushing back to the coal face in a panic. Instead you may find this week is better spent resting, in contemplation, meditation and finding a place of peace within you. Feelings of panic and lack can send us in the wrong direction, and the collective root chakra feels out of whack this week, which may bring feelings of not being grounded or safe.

If you are feeling disconnected, ungrounded or afraid, wear red crystals or red and brown coloured clothing to help ground yourself and boost the root chakra. Sit in the woods or in nature and touch the ground with your bare hands or feet if it's not too cold, and let the earth ground you back into your body so you can feel whole again. 

It will be time to move on again soon, in particular I'm drawn to Saturday 16th when the energy will allow us forwards movement.

This week's angel message comes from card number 16 of the Angel Wings Oracle, Courage:


Courage does not mean never being afraid. Courage is what we use to keep going or to move forwards despite fear or opposition.

It's important to remember that things that may appear very small or insignificant to others may require great courage and bravery to achieve - doing your inner work, touching an aspect of you that you have buried because of terrible pain from your past requires levels of courage that cannot be quantified. 

Not all courageous acts are impressive, obvious or even external. Many happen on the inside, and that is the work we are called to do this week. 

Our most important work on earth right now is to heal our inner selves, the wounded aspects of self that we may have abandoned, pushed aside and tried to ignore. Although these unloved parts of us may be hidden, then affect us nonetheless and have as much right to be seen and integrated as the parts that we are proud of.

Integration is our key lesson at this time, and it takes great courage to integrate all aspects of the self, because to go inside to our darkest places is often the most terrifying journey of all. 


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