Magic is afoot in Cornwall!

I've been on the magical and very spooky Bodmin Moor for a few days. I should clarify, staying in a holiday home not a tent - the terrain is far too inhospitable in November!

The scenery ranges from terrifyingly exposed to stunning in this part of the world!

The view from Tintagel across the North Cornish coastline towards Camelot Castle Hotel

I've been fortunate enough to visit Tintagel Castle for the second time. The energy is incredible. I'm certain it has to do with the quartz rocks all around.

This area is a place of wild, magical power indeed.

Highly recommended if you are looking for somewhere within the UK to visit, and bonus points if you are of a magical or holistic persuasion.

Cornwall has a well earned reputation for magic and was once famous for its practical witches or pellars.

The witches of old Cornwall were kept very busy preparing spells, charms and cures for people who would come from far and wide to visit the famous pellars of the day.

There are still many signs of ancient mystical ritual - too many stone circles to list and weird and wonderful sights like the giant balancing stones at the Cheese Wring, above a disused stone quarry.

The Cheese Wring - giant balancing stones

Exploring the Moor and the old mines and quarries, you get a real feel for how difficult life must have been without the mod cons we take for granted, and it's easy to see why the magic spells used by the pellars might have seemed quite reasonable back in the day. Many of these charms, spells and practises would certainly be seen as too harsh or even shocking to our modern sensibilities.

Transference for example, which is the practise of getting rid of something (like warts or some other ailment) by transferring it onto another unfortunate person, or by using animals which would meet untimely deaths, would certainly not sit well with most of us these days.

I think it's important to view the magics and healing methods of the past through the lens of the century these people lived in, and perhaps try not to judge them too harshly. They were products of their time, and used what was available to them.

There is much wisdom to be gained from their stories, and the ancient sites hold great power that is palpable to the empathic visitor.

A truly magical place indeed, North Cornwall and Bodmin Moor is well worth a visit in the off season - magic doesn't close for winter, although sadly the famous Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle does!

The good news is their online shops is open all year, and no matter where you are in the world you have access to incredible magical items, souvenirs and books by highly knowledgeable authors such as Gemma Gary.

I will certainly be returning soon to continue my magical journey of discovery and learning around Kernow!


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