Holding the Calm Centre - Reading for 6th October 2021

Many people, including myself, have been asking what we can do to help the world right now?

I think it's obvious to anybody that the world is going through a massive shift right now, and whilst that may appear to be turbulent and chaotic to the casual observer, the good news is that it isn't as bad as you may think.

Please don't misunderstand - I don't wish to belittle any of the suffering people are experiencing right now, because times of change have a habit of shaking things up, and yes it can definitely be a painful time in many ways. There is very real suffering in the world, but I want to stay solution-focussed in today's reading.

I've asked my spirit guides and angels on many occasions what I can do to best help the world in these challenging times, how can I help to usher in the powerful change that is coming with the new energy of the age of Aquarius? Sometimes it can feel as though we are powerless, and that people are losing their minds and following dark paths no matter how much we might try to prevent them from doing so. I know that many healers, psychics, star seeds and helper souls are struggling with this question.

My message today is that if you want to know how to best support others through this chaos, here is your answer:


Hold the space. Hold the line. Stay in balance. Heal yourself and heal others. Repeat and keep going!

I have pulled this same card every single time I've asked this question, and the answer coming through from my team is very clear.

Our role right now is to hold the energy in balance, to be the harmonising force that allows the extremes, the poles to centre themselves and come into alignment.

We are right smack in the middle of number 2 energy right now - the 20s of the second millennium. Numerology teaches that number 2 energy is about exploring opposites, going to extremes and discovering what that looks like, in order to learn where the point of balance lies. The balance is of course always found in the middle, but it can take some time to reach that point of harmony, like a pendulum swinging back and forth until it finds its still centre point again. 

This unbalanced, polarising 2 energy is quite noticeable when you look around you today - spend 5 minutes on Twitter and all you will see are opposing views unable to meet in the middle, with yelling, screaming and metaphorical gnashing of teeth as each extremity tries to tell the other they are wrong, and seeks to force them to flip their world view so that they can feel safe teetering on their edge of the see-saw!

This war of opposites is being encouraged by dark forces who are intentionally creating "us against them" rhetoric, or encouraging and stoking division between people due to superficial or trivial differences. This is unbalanced number 2 energy in all its glory, and it's a fine mess to witness. I don't think it's any coincidence that we also refer to poop as number twos! When number 2 is outta whack, it's definitely shit!

We are currently in 2021, this year holds the energy of two number 2s, but next year we can expect to see the polarities become more extreme as we move into 2022 which holds the energy of three 2s! Hang on folks, it's going to be a wild ride! 

Balanced 2 energy is beautifully represented by the Yin & Yang - two equal and opposite forces that respect each other and remain in harmony, conscious of both their differences and that each exists within the other.

Our job here as Integration Workers is to stay in the centre, sit at the middle of the merry go round, hold the lynch pin in place, and facilitate others coming to join us in a place of peace, harmony and the greater wisdom of unity.

When this number 2 energy finally balances itself, we will find the world reaching new levels of maturity, people finding better control over their emotions and experiencing the higher spiritual empowerment that comes with that.

We cannot force people to find their balanced centre, only hold the space for them and model what that looks like. 

It is our role to facilitate the coming together of opposites, not to force or judge anybody else. 

Each person must walk their own unique, spiritual path, and much as we might want to help, we cannot and must not attempt to force anyone to grow, change or even to be happy - much as we may want to sometimes. 

The only truth is oneness, but when we find ourselves in number 2 energy, it can be very difficult to remember that, if we have unhealed wounds, and unless you're an avatar already, you probably still have some healing to do!

Our role right now is to do whatever we can to heal ourselves, so that we can learn to stay in the place of emotional calm, peace and harmony. We must model the behaviour - that is how we can become the change we want to see in the world.

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