5 Ways to Make Money Giving Oracle Card Readings in 2021

The unprecedented events of the past year and a half have left many people looking for alternative or additional ways to earn money. 

As we are moving more and more into the innovative and spiritual energy of the Age of Aquarius, you might like to consider some ways you can leverage your own psychic or intuitive abilities to make a little extra dosh.

There are a number of different ways you can do this, some more traditional and others are still quite new.

1. Readings in Person

There is still a market for face to face, individual bookings, and depending on where you are in the world this may still be something that is reasonably easy to set up.

This type of reading is very straightforward; you advertise your services, and people either come to your home or you go to theirs to give them their reading. Sometimes it's appropriate to meet in a quiet café if neither of you has the space for guests. I've had to do that a couple of times, and as long as you buy drinks the café normally doesn't mind! You may also feel safer being in a public place if you don't know the person. 

Many people who get face to face readings prefer to pay in cash so this is useful if you're not set up to accept card payments or would prefer to do things on an informal basis. In this day and age I do not recommend accepting cheques unless the client is a person you know and trust. 

Personally, I have chosen not to give readings in person for the most part anymore. Not because of any health concerns, but more for my own convenience and due to the fact I live in a very small house, so it's not very practical.

Offering readings in person does of course reduce your audience to people in your local area, but you may be surprised how far clients are willing to travel to see their favourite psychic.

2. Readings by Telephone

This is another option that many people like. I'm not referring to running a premium rate telephone line here, (which would likely involve a very costly set up and is a highly regulated industry here in the UK!) I simply mean that instead of clients coming to see you in person for their reading, you telephone them instead.

It's good etiquette to call them rather than have them call you, after all they are already paying for the reading so the cost of the call itself should be down to you - this is where unlimited minutes on a mobile plan come in handy!

This solution is useful for people who do not live in your local area, but due to the cost of telephone calls, they will likely be in the same country as you.

It is possible to do this internationally if you have a very good telephone rate, or perhaps using a low cost option like Skype international call packages, but as a general rule, I stick to customers in my own country for these to avoid any technical problems.

Readings by telephone are just as good as in person, and in some ways can help you to tune in because you won't be distracted by having somebody else in the room.

I do recommend taking payment in advance for telephone readings because not everyone is honest (sadly I've been burned before) and the occasional person may not pay you for your work, and if all you have is their name and telephone number, there may not be much you can do about it!

3. Readings on Zoom 

This is a more modern way to give readings, but does work particularly well because it gives the personal, face to face experience without either of you needing to leave your home!

It doesn't have to be Zoom of course, you could equally use Skype, a WhattsApp Video Call or any other video chat service you feel is appropriate. 

Make sure you have a good video chat set up including a decent webcam, microphone and some lighting so you're not a spooky shadow! The client may or may not wish to appear on camera, so I'd usually leave that up to them to decide. After all, you don't need to see them to do the reading, you just need to be able to communicate. 

Again, as with telephone readings, I strongly recommend taking payment in advance of the session. PayPal is very useful for this, or they may be able to make a bank transfer to you. Another useful payment option is cryptocurrency if you're open to that. 

4. Psychic Parties

This is a less common format for readings, but as the name suggests this can be quite fun. Basically, you are hired as a psychic for the evening at a party, normally at the client's home. This could be a birthday party, a hen night or just a little get together with friends. 

You would be asked to provide a reading for each guest who is interested in getting one. This could be done as a group in a room, usually the lounge, or the host may set you up in a room on your own and each person can come in individually for a more private reading experience. 

Remember that not everyone is comfortable sharing everything about themselves so never reveal anything embarrassing about one of the guests in front of other people. Tell them that there is something you would like to tell them privately if you feel it's too personal or sensitive, and take them to one side later on.

There are a few important points to note when it comes to Psychic Parties. Firstly, make sure you set the rate before hand and let them know which payment methods you can accept so there are no nasty surprises.

You may also need to set a time limit on each reading ( I suggest keeping it quite short 15-20 minutes is normally fine) and also decide the maximum number of people you will read for. Doing back to back readings at a party can be exhausting, so be clear in advance what your limit is. 

Remember that people may have been drinking at these events, and you must remain sober & professional even if they offer you a glass of bubbly! 

5. Psychic Fairs & Events

Psychic fairs are still going on in some parts of the world and you can usually find out about these from local press or adverts. 

These are usually held in some sort of large room or event hall, occasionally in pubs or hotels. I have previously attended a corporate event where I had a table to give readings to staff at a big company as part of their annual incentive. It went down very well, and I was the busiest person in that room!

Sometimes you will be asked to do these for free in exchange for for "exposure" but in my experience, you are unlikely to pick up many (if any) paying clients at these sorts of events, and exposure doesn't pay the bills, so be realistic. In my opinion, you're better off paying a small fee to rent a table or splitting your earnings with the organiser. I will occasionally offer my services for a charity event, but I will only do this to help the charity. This can also be a good opportunity to practise if you are still building your confidence in your skills.

Psychic Fairs and events can be fun to make a bit of cash, although back to back readings for a prolonged period can be very tiring so bear that in mind too.

It's also handy if you are able to accept debit or credit cards payments at these sorts of events, for example using a Sum Up card reader (which is what I use - this link is a referral from me if you choose to click on it!) or something similar.

One last point is that you may need public liability insurance for Psychic Fairs, but the organiser will tell you what they require in advance. 

I hope this gives you a few ideas about how you can make some extra cash using your psychic abilities! This isn't limited to oracle cards of course, you could use any psychic skill such as tarot, angel cards, pure clairvoyance or mediumship (communication with spirit)  

I have reason to believe that as time goes on and the Great Awakening continues, this will actually be a growing sector, so may present a good opportunity for earning money. 

More people than ever before are curious about their psychic abilities, spirituality and life's path, and as a result may seek out oracle card readings among other things, to help give them some guidance and insight into their own spiritual nature. 

It wouldn't surprise me at all if getting a reading became a very mainstream and normal thing to do, at some point in the not too distant future!


If you're looking to learn how to read oracles cards so you can reach your full potential and brush up on your skills, check out our very popular workshop How to Read Oracle Cards. This is a live training that can be done online via Zoom or in person if you are local to me. 

Reading oracle cards is something that anybody can learn to do. We all have a psychic ability if we choose to use it!

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