FOREX Financial Market Review

FOREX Financial Market Review

GBPUSD after FOMC data

As we saw yesterday, the plan has not been fulfilled. My position I had had closed to zero before the local support broke, and I did not repeat after that because the market was not as clear as I had hoped. Initially, the FOMC introduced confusion, investors did not read the result clearly, which caused the rate to jump in every direction. But there is a final weakening in the dollar, which is also fueled by the cutting off of the money that has been paid out in huge amounts to companies.

Personally, I will make a decision about a possible transaction after the start of the European session. I would like the scenario shown in the picture more, but you know how the market works ... When I reach the designated place, I go long on the first signal.


EURUSD in retreat

In this financial instrument, the situation is almost similar to that of the British pound. We see the breakthrough of the last peaks that created resistance, but before the data, he does not make such decisions, knowing how such experiments ended. Now there is an open path to a stronger correction. In the place in the picture, you should watch the price, because it is possible for investors to take a profit, which may lead to a downward correction.


Canadian in the right place (USDCAD)

Following the FOMC, the US dollar / Canadian dollar currency pair declined significantly. There was a breakout from a channel that I expected to hold, but nothing is lost yet as breakouts are a normal thing. I have marked the place where a possible return to the growth channel may take place, as today's data for the US are forecast to improve the situation. But is this enough after yesterday's weakening of the dollar? Today we will see if there is any signal in the designated zone.



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Analysis of the financial markets
Analysis of the financial markets

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