Analysis of the currency market

GBPUSD remains in the upward channel

The British Pound made adjustments many times just to let investors choose the value at a better price. I wrote about it in December that I do not see the pound weakening for many reasons in the near future, and so far my expectations for this currency have not changed.

The current situation on the pair is optimistic with a bullish attitude. In the morning of the European time, macro data are expected for the UK with hawkish forecasts, thanks to which we have been seeing gains without corrections for two days.

Graph H4 shows the channel and the next possible stop point.



The GBPUSD H1 indicates the next level that the pair is heading to. Another attempt to break through the given level gives a higher probability that it will be broken. Each subsequent attempt increases the chances of continuing the movement.


USDCAD fight on the level

Yesterday I wrote about the Canadian currency and the fact that I will not trade it. I did not approach this chart because I was expecting the uncertainty that is taking place. Yesterday I assumed declines in this pair and as you can see the rate is going down. A few speeches today, inflation data, a conference on monetary policy, all this means that the currency pair may be very unstable today and moves on this instrument will be technically unjustified.

In case of large drops, a marked zone should hold the price for longer.

cad macro


NZDCAD close to support

The currency of New Zealand in pair to the Canadian dollar goes like a string. Currently, the first support is visible, which due to today's data will probably be broken and the rate will reach the zone we have designated. A currency is characterized by the fact that it can often move in one direction for a long time without corrections. A rebound may take place in the area of speeches and inflation data in Canada, so it is worth having your finger on the pulse today


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Analysis of the financial markets
Analysis of the financial markets

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