VoxoDeus Innovative 3D Interactive Collectibles is the Future of NFT

By Edward Moon | Analysis From Moon | 5 Mar 2022

VoxoDeus is the first NFT project to partner with The Sandbox to offer custom avatars. Their partnership will introduce a new dawn in the gameplay strategy in the Metaverse.

The Sandbox is on a mission to develop an intensive decentralized Metaverse environment. The Sandbox will partner with a few sophisticated NFT projects to create virtual worlds and games where players can earn by displaying their gaming skills and talents using non-fungible tokens and the $SAND.

This official partnership will provide an awesome opportunity for all VoxoDeus owners to import their Voxo characters into The Sandbox’s Metaverse and transform the same into The Sandbox’s playable avatars including a massive 12x12 worth over US$2million.

To spice up user experience with NFT collectibles and create the future Metaverse now, VoxoDeus has swiftly stepped up the ladder by creating interactive 3D interactive and immersive NFT collectibles. This development is the first of its kind in the NFT community because Crypto artists have over time dedicated their artistic talents to creating motionless 2D NFT collectibles.

The idea behind creating these 3D motion collectibles is to provide minters with an awesome experience in the NFT space. These 3D collectibles exist in species (Omega, Ascendii, Exomorphis, Augs, Sapiens, and Robits) and factions (the Shen Tanks “Angos”, Polarion “Astra”, Corpo Vendrix “Corpo” and Luma Systemica “Verita”).

250 ETH Omega Key Game Reward

Are you ready? 250ETH is going back to the VoxoDeus community. This is no exaggeration. The reward process will kick off exactly on the 22nd of Feb.

Omega Key Game is an online trading game, where 6,312 unique and exclusive 3D interactive Voxos are traded. Players join a competition to collect Omega Keys, which they will use to claim their 250ETH rewards. There are four achievement levels: Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each requires different numbers of Omega Keys to win.

For the Bronze reward of 16ETH, which is the lowest level, a player is expected to acquire 3 Omega keys, the silver reward of 33ETH requires 4 Omega Keys, Gold rewards of 66ETH requires 6 Omega Keys, and the highest level, Diamond rewards of a massive 135ETH requires 8 Omega Keys.

To be declared a winner, a player is expected to become the first to register his acquired Omega keys on the VoxoDeus website and then be rewarded accordingly. The Omega Key game will end when all successful players have been rewarded accordingly. 

The Future is Here

VoxoDeus is unarguably the future of the NFT space. They created the first 3D interactive NFT collectibles in the history of NFT. Each NFT is known as Voxo, and there are 6313 unique species of Voxos. To make this project become a reality, a custom 3D interactive viewer was created. This interactive viewer provides the luxury of viewing Voxos from any perceptive or angle, creating an immersive interface that integrates amazing features such as customized shading, bright lighting, and ballroom effects.

In addition to the above, VoxoDeus also partnered with music producers to add background audio to the project. In the progression of time, the audio feature will be enhanced to include more background tracks, tweaking lighting capability, and the possibility of changing background designs or color.

Narrative-driven NFTs

World-building and a slow-reveal storyline seem to be at the heart of the VoxoDeus project, with their initial NFT collection positioned as the first chapter in a multi-collection journey through their ‘Cypherverse’. An upcoming partnership with Myth Division, the comic book studio that created the BAYC comic, will pick up the narrative threads left by the 250 ETH game and push the VoxoDeus ‘living lore’ forward.

The foundation of this ‘living lore’ experience is the VoxoDeus Loredex. Part-wiki, part encyclopaedia, it also provides a place for members of the community to read about the VoxoDeus Cypherverse and even create their own ‘myths’ and help to shape it.


VoxoDeus is committed to making the NFT user experience a thriller with its unique 3D interactive collectibles. Users are introduced to an awesome immersive interface that lets them interact with their different voxos. These great features have distinctively positioned VoxoDeus on a greater scale of innovative advancement.

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